Fox News America isn’t getting the civil war it wants. Just the civil war it deserves. Part III.

White Man’s War Face: the smirk you make when the cops are on your side.
Tea Party Youth: the kids who hit developmental years living with parents who lost their minds over a black president.

A continuation of parts I and II

It’s official. The American citizens who want “civil war” the most? They also don’t qualify as being worthy of a fight. We know it. They know it. They also know that 911 has been weaponized in their favor, and GI Bro is itching to push the “call” button.

They want to be like the Navy SEALs of 911-dialing, ready to call at any time, no matter the conditions.

In their view, to sic 911 on some random brown person is to receive a ticket to a less-pathetic life. Wall Street and Silicon Valley repeat the party line to Fox News America while also automating jobs and taking workers’ healthcare.

The not-very-warlike whitefolks who also want “civil war” are also dying out of despair at higher rates than the rest of the population. Call it a hunch, but I feel like there is a connection somewhere.

So much pent-up rage in GI Bro. Smirks help channel pent-up rage, operating like release-valves. Though sooner or later, bro will be boiling over with pent-up rage so the process will repeat itself.

When I watch Fox News America go on with their bad selves, I feel like the world has become “Gladiator”—only Commodus thinks he’s Maximus and billionaires are only too happy to indulge Commodus’ grandiosity because it makes a nice smokescreen while they hide more money from taxes.

This modern nationalism is so stupid-eerie because its biggest proponents also seem to be its laziest. I feel like the values of men who dodged the Vietnam draft yet completely supported the war itself have baked themselves into the Right wing.

When it comes to this whole “civil war” thing, five-foot-five inches tall Chris Maley is just gonna have to hang up his war spurs and get back to more urgent tasks, like picking his ass.

Bros: turn off Fox News and plop in that DVD of Red Dawn. Not the remake, the original. (I didn’t honestly need to tell any of you which version to watch, I hope.)

I pledge to follow the advice of John Lennon and be non-violent, also a funny-ass mofo.

Chickenhawks don’t deserve a war. Just the truth.

Billionaires: you created a perfect storm for yourselves. I wrote about that before.

Check out my new book, Revolutionizer Alpha: the Revolutionizer Stories, Volume One.

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