Showers of gold.

Part 1: Income inequality is ruining our future. It gets free help from the USA’s worst people. 
Rush and Donald
They have reaganesque body types.

Part I. Part II. Part III.

I am about to describe a person. Too many examples of this type of white man exist in the United States. 

Socioeconomically, this group skews towards the upper income brackets. They are mostly older. The youngest would be in their late thirties. (These younger ones tend to idolize the older ones in ways that illuminate authoritarianism’s hints of homoeroticism.) 


A millennial in this white man’s life—say a son or daughter of a friend, around 33 years of age—asks them to get coffee. Schedule an hour when they have time. They have something on their mind and see this older man as a sounding board. 

They just need to talk. 

The two meet up. They open the conversation by catching each other up on their lives and the lives of mutual acquaintances. After a sip of their latte, the millennial starts to tell the older white man about student loans, the lower starting salaries in the job market, higher rents—heck, the rising prices of goods in general. These issues greatly worry the millennial and have been bubbling up inside of them, so this talk matters. 

Right as they begin to breathe easier from thinking that they are getting this all off their chest, they look up from their mug at the older man. 

A smirk sits on the corner of his mouth. Eyes narrowing, the smirk becomes a small smile as he says, “And remember: you have to think about your retirement.” 

The empathy-free little smile stays on his face, daring the millennial to continue. 

As his eyes stay focused, his mind remembers a recent Fox News segment or Wall Street Journal article about the GOP gearing up to kill Social Security and Medicare. He thinks back to when his mind took in this news and started giggling. So many black and brown people will be in for a rude shock and this fact brings nothing but feelings of glee. 

Finishing his coffee, the white man gets in a dig about the millennial cutting back on avocado toast. And, with a pat on the younger person’s shoulder, he stands up to leave. 

Confident smirk returning to his face once again, he feels a mix of giddiness and authoritativeness. He feels like that old guy who shot Old Yeller dead.

He’d shoot Old Yeller dead, if given the chance. Yessirree. He sure would. He knows that America got founded by men who weren’t afraid to shoot dogs and, by golly, he needs these tattooed millennials to grasp the importance of dog-shooting.

Man, he loves being a hard-ass. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper into that man’s psyche. Peeling back the layers, the hard-ass-ness gets less hard-ass. In fact, it looks more like he is about to shit himself. 

Blue Horseshoe loves this white man and the many insecure, scared white men like him.


Blue Horseshoe loves that they help him profiteer and be a tax cheat, while asking for nothing in return.

Part II. Part III.

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