Aw yeah. The ammosexuals have war-boners.

The GOP: formerly the party of the military, now the party of the chickenhawk.

Don Jr
His White Army call sign is: Red Don.

These are weird times to be a peacenik. Though I don’t see me changing my ways. I share a commonality with the NRA chickenhawks and the ammosexuals who fetishize billionaires: we have no desire to personally commit acts of actual violence. Beneath their bluster, gun-toting white dudes don’t want to serve on the front lines. They know that they would be just as useless in a foxhole as I would be. 

However, the new decade does appear to be off to an ominous start. To add to everything else going haywire, we got this ass-face tweeting out pics holding an assault rifle emblazoned with a white supremacist symbol. (The little cross, right above the magazine showing Hillary behind bars, has been co-opted by white militants.) On the same day that his ass-dad boasted that he would consider bombing ancient religious sites in Iran, no less.

Yes, weird times indeed. But I remain a peacenik. First off, I’m not a big guy. Secondly and more importantly, I refuse to engage in violence with resentment-filled, insecure pieces of shit who want to play soldier without joining the military. Though my views have altered a bit. The agenda that wants to normalize white nationalism has demonstrated their seriousness.

When it comes to firearms, I believe that the Left should take steps to protect the folks who face threats due to skin color, religion, or sexual orientation. Whether that means improving neighborhood watch operations or organizing transportation with firearms-qualified people in vehicles, I understand the tension these days. Fellow countrymen who aren’t straight, white, and male like me face real danger. (BTW: my definition of “countrymen” includes immigrants whose legal standings may be precarious.) Whether it’s Jews or Latinx or Muslims or gays, communities need to protect their own, now more than at any point in my lifetime. Licensed, trained gun owners can provide that protection.

But the Left forming militias to actively combat the budding fascists and racists—fuck that shit. All that will do is get people needlessly killed. 

I want this conflict with the country’s regressives to end and our nation on a path to equality and freedom. Our aim should be an inclusive America. But this fight cannot rely on using weapons to actively engage. Protection, yes. Attack, no. It’s like the Force. And from the looks of it, America very well might be under clandestine attack from the evil Sith Lords, Darth Syphilis and Darth Moneybags. Unfortunately, us Rebels here on Planet Earth don’t have X-Wings or light sabers. When it comes to standing our ground and holding back the Bro-Empire, all we can do is use our brains. 

In other words, yes: we got this. If we keep cool heads, stay intelligent, and remain nice to each other, we got this. If we work with ourselves instead of against ourselves, the odds more than favor our side. We may not know the ways of the Force, but we can trust it.

America’s bad people, like Don Jr. here, are the minority. Lots and lots of white folks do not jive with their narrow-minded fascism. Like me, these whites align with the Rebellion and Chewie. 

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