2028 has been quite a year for movies so far. Wouldn’t you agree?

Along with fiction, I write movie reviews from the year 2028 during the reign of President Eric Trump. ALL HAIL ERIC!

I’ve compiled my reviews here, separated out by genre so you don’t have to hunt around this site. Give them a read:

food snack popcorn movie theater
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Vietnam War epic.

Wall-to-wall dance extragavanza.

A fathers and sons film.

Superhero origin story.

College romp.

Cutesy, kiddie tale.


Buddy cop movie.

Biopic about a historical figure.

Political thriller.

Civil War feature.

A modern drama.

An epic, timely saga.

A blockbuster with a message.

These reviews can be found on my Medium page as well.

Like I said, I also write fiction.

And marketing communications.

President Eric the Great!

President Eric the Wise!

All hail Eric!






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