How much chicken would a chickenhawk hawk if a chickenhawk could hawk chicken?

National Guard have been deployed to all fifty states to help the nation deal with #coronavirus. Donald “Bonespurs” Trump wants to end their mission. One day shy of their benefits package taking effect.

Trump Independence Day Video
You see this bit of cray-cray that batshit-cray-cray Don-Don tweeted out? While it may look nuts (and it is), there are also a few white nationalists superimposed into the video along with numbnuts like Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz. I do nazi why he tweeted this. Do you?

“Trump sees all of us who went to Vietnam as fools. We were the suckers. We were the stupid ones. We were the ones that didn’t have the resources to be able to get out of the draft.”

– Bob Kerrey, Former U.S. Senator and Medal of Honor Recipient

A wise man once said, “Now ain’t this some shit?”

Members of the National Guard have civilian jobs and lead civilian lives.

Then something bad happens, like a pandemic strikes America when the country lacks the medical infrastructure to combat it.

National Guard members put their lives on hold and put their uniforms on to help the nation deal with the crisis.

Sure, they’re not all glamorous like the Navy SEALs or Delta Force. But they go to the front lines and work to fight the problem. They are doing this now and have been operating in all 50 states since the first Covid-19 waves hit.

Here’s the rub: they’re not one of the sexy Special Operations groups that Right wing ammosexuals go gaga over. So they can be crapped on and cheated out of money, as far as the GOP is concerned. Non-military Right wingers love to judge these types of troops. None of them have the fortitude to do what they do—much less be a SEAL or Delta Force operator—but wow, those fellas love to look down on most military types. Jet pilots and SpecOps are fetishized by Fox News watchers and Breitbart viewers. The rest of the military is fodder.

The fuck is the matter with the Right wing?

They used to be the wing of the military. Now they’re the wing of the military fetishists and the defense contractors and financiers who exploit the military.

To those men and women in the National Guard who stopped their normal routines to serve on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis: thank you. And thank you to the hourly-wage workers who have been keeping the country running during this pandemic. And thank you to the medical personnel who have been dealing with more stress than you should be dealing with right now. Coronavirus sucks bad enough. All of the folks I mentioned in this paragraph shouldn’t also have to tolerate incompetent government and ungrateful civilians who don’t appreciate you all enough.

So, for what it’s worth, thank you once again from a writer in Denver, Colorado.

We humans will get through this and end up in better places. One step closer to meeting aliens who will teach us how to make free spaceships.





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