Chickenhawks are crying out for a “civil war.” Which is just weird.

People who are too lazy to serve in the military really, really, really want to dial 911…pardon me…I meant to say, “engage in conflict with their fellow countrymen.”
Please tread on everyone
How I do love this meme. I love this meme-trend of fucking with the Gadsden Flag as well. What a meme-trend. I love memes.

You know all those rabid, MAGA-hatted, tough-talkin’, too-tough-to-wear-a-mask-boastin’, gun-lovin’, flag-humpin’, Fox News-watchin’, Breitbart-readin’, OAN-quotin’, smirkin’, red-blooded ‘Mericans?

I have a few questions about this crowd’s inflammatory language and passive-aggressive desire to remind the rest of America that they own firearms and travel in packs.

What I’m doing here with this post is a thought experiment, if you want to look at it this way.

So…let the thought-experimentation begin.

Ask yourself: if the supremacists didn’t feel as confident that law enforcement will automatically take their side, would the “civil war” rhetoric be as intense as it is right now?

Would their calls-to-arms be as in-your-face if the white guys—and the vast majority of the fellas with war-boners are white guys—thought that they would be going it alone because the police might not be there to help them out?

If they believed there was a possibility that the police might come after them instead of after the dreaded libs, would the bois feel so emboldened?

How much chicken would a chickenhawk hawk if a chickenhawk could hawk chicken?

Make sure you are registered to vote.

Make sure your loved ones are registered to vote.

Make sure your not-loved-but-kind-of-liked ones are registered to vote.

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