Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton threatened the system when they advocated for Black Americans’ civil rights. They got killed for crossing the color barrier.

At the time of their deaths, these freedom fighters were working towards multi-racial unity.

I am writing this on Martin Luther King Day. 

I am also writing this one day after Virginia’s new Governor dialed up white fear a few notches by signing an executive order that generates more unfounded hub-bub about the Right’s latest-and-greatest dogwhistle: Critical Race Theory

Those people love their dogwhistles. 

The Right continues to push the CRT hysteria so feverishly for a reason. They are targeting upper-middle-class white parents who did not vote for Trump. We have an election in ten months. 

Wealthy Right-wing interests do not care about the blue-collar Trumpster anymore. They want voters with financial power to vote for Republicans in November. 

And the Right has a shot at achieving its goal.

The above-median-income whites who they are trying to reach, I’ve known these types my whole life. I went to school with them, worked with them, partied with them back when I used to party. 

This racially-insensitive-propaganda-disguised-as-family-friendly-messaging possesses the potential to work like a charm with a certain kind of parent.

The Critical Race Theory dogwhistlers probably are not aware of this fact, but at the times of their murders, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Black Panther Fred Hampton had shifted away from focusing solely on Black Americans’ civil rights. All three were confronting issues that affected the working class as a whole, regardless of race. 

Martin Luther King started the multi-cultural Poor People’s Campaign

Malcolm X parted ways with the separatist Nation of Islam and spoke about a future where Muslims, no matter their skin color or place of origin, could live together peacefully. 

Fred Hampton, a Deputy Chairman of the Black Panthers, created the Rainbow Coalition. This partnership included the Young Patriots, which worked to help poorer whites, and the Hispanic-rights group Young Lords.

Wealthy Right-wingers wish that every white person who makes above the median income would feel as existentially-threatened as they do. To make this a reality, they have to lie and keep people in the dark. Those who gin up negativity about Critical Race Theory have no idea that three of their boogeymen were trying to better the lives of ordinary white folks. 

Martin Luther King talked of a future where people from every possible ethnic background would live together peacefully. 

But the Right doesn’t want kids to know about these messages. Hence the CRT freak-out.

Malcolm X had adopted a broader, more inclusive view of his religion after taking a spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca and praying alongside Muslims from every corner of the Earth.

But the Right portrays him as evil and 100% against all white people. 

The Black Panthers initiated school breakfast and lunch programs in underfunded neighborhoods. No matter the ethnic makeup of the poorer area, men like Fred Hampton pushed for every child to receive basic nutrition. 

But the Right’s agenda needs its listeners to see the Black Panthers as militantly against all white people. 

Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior was born on January 15th, 1929. To make sure we never forget him, the United States of America now observes the third Monday of every January as Martin Luther King Day. It creates a three-day weekend and a Federal Holiday. 

People like him, Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton saw the light and showed us the way. 

And we seem to be committed to looking in the other direction.

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