Not gonna happen.

Telling article: Rising wages are the biggest threat to earnings and ‘corporate misery’ is correlated to higher labor costs, Bank of America says


World: things are tense in the United States of America. 

Here’s a sure-fire way to lower the temperature and cool the collective mood. 

The following will never happen, but it would be a positive thing if it did:  

The overall vibe would lighten up tremendously if above-median-income white males who grew up in stable home environments ceased and desisted with the long-winded speeches that overuse the word “successful” and back-handedly call attention to the white male. People who aren’t qualified to talk about bootstrappin’ it and gettin’ ‘er done would do the whole country a favor if they stopped verbalizing their ignorance.

I guarantee: the ugly energy would begin to dissipate the very second that obtuse dudebros quit it with their privileged, chickenhawk theatrics. 

I guarantee this.

But those fellas aren’t going to shut up. 

They can’t. 

The “winners” of the Great Recession need to be treated like winners, dammit. 

If you took away their unearned bragging rights, all that’s left is their wealth.

This mentality, and looking at how I benefited from it as a white male, helped to inspire Fearkiller (Volume 1), my dark comedy about the workforce during the first decade of the new millennium.

If you want to check out a short story, this little thingy called Back to Work started out as a brief scene in my book. It got cut as I got closer to finishing. Later, I thought of the scene and turned it into something of its own. Please give it a read. (And check out my book as well.)

All of the #greatresignation and #jobhunt energy excites me. It also terrifies the bros who inspired this post. Which makes even happier. Self-awareness would do that crowd a lot of good and would do the world a lot of good.

But…not gonna happen.

It’s up to the humans to put them in their places.

#taxtherich #wealthtax #taxthechurches #corporatetax

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