Operation White Privilege, one year later.

365 days after the Capitol riots on January 6th, 2021, the rubes sit in jail cells while the organizers look for the next business opportunity.

Operation White Privilege. 1/6/21. Part II. Part III. Part IV.

NEWSFLASH: white supremacy plays a central role in the story of the United States of America. 

Yup. Baseball. Apple pie. Systemic white supremacy. 

It’s systemic. It’s insidious. It has been a part of the country’s fabric since before the Founding Father days.

On January 6th last year, that uniquely-American brand of white supremacy put itself on display for the whole world to see. On Operation White Privilege’s anniversary and in this coming year, we need to stay focused. The opportunists who attempted the coup got away with it. They will try again.

With that said, let’s talk about this Nazified nonsense.

First things first: state who the enemy is.
Those blue collar-leaning MAGA types making noise about losing their country? They are not the true enemy. Though they do pose a threat and it would be ignorant of me if I failed to point this out. Hate crimes are on the rise. In our communities, we must look out for the people who MAGA wants to marginalize.

The actual enemies aren’t looking to commit acts of terror against unarmed individuals, but instead want to exploit this “civil war” concept and hit the jackpot, as in monetary gain. The Insurrection Index just listed over 1000 people of influence who aided Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the election. It’s a safe bet that none of these chickenhawks has ever considered placing themselves in the line of fire. They sponsor others’ hate crimes. They see the earnings potential in white spite.

On a mass level, the social class known as the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie wants the rest of the country to know their place. If threats and intimidation help this become a reality, they support it. But they ain’t looking to put their own keisters in harm’s way.

This opportunism speaks more to class than political party. Both the arch-Right and the stock-market-loving Neoliberal Democrats agree: civil war means biggggggg dollars! Blue Horseshoe loves White Nationalism.

And make no mistake: the wealthy Democrats who say they do critically important stuff like make #fintech apps and run hedge funds…these fellas are down with the plan. They don’t become openly drooly-mouthed when hearing the war-talk like conservatives do, but they’re down. They just need to play it pragmatic and cold.

“Hmmm…a white nationalist-led civil war sounds horrible. Just…horrible! To be safe, I should stock up on some body armor. But speaking of ‘stock’ I should look into rounding out my stock portfolio with a body armor manufacturer or two. Sounds like a booming industry in the next couple of years. Maybe look into investing in the hand grenade industry as well…” 

The real enemy of the American people is not poorer citizens who have given into despair and lost their way to Fox News and white nationalism. 

Well-off citizens are invested in civil war. Like, invested heavily. Financial gain drives their commitment. Conflict on a countrywide scale is their route to larger yachts and higher-dollar divorce lawyers. 

They bet against our futures. They bet against the planet’s future.

Now that we’ve established who the enemy is, how do we fight them?
The last thing we do is engage in physical violence. Folks who are banking on civil war have spent the past four decades setting up security measures for themselves. The 1% has been stoking racial resentment while militarizing the police force for a reason: the upper-middle-class views these groups as their soldiers. 

Yeah! What he said.

Non-violence is the answer. When the late Congressman John Lewis talked about, “Good trouble” he was sharing the plan with all of us. Here’s John Lennon’s thoughts on the matter: 
When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.

Historically, non-violence has scared the upper classes more than any organized attack ever did. 

Here’s where it could get really, really cool.
Remember: the people who love money more than anything in the world have also devoted substantial chunks of their beloved gold coins to producing an outcome that sucks for you and me. They have been dreaming about those multiplied piles of money which they will see as a financial return. 

But that money only materializes if we turn violent. 

non-violence from us = no money for them 

What a simple formula, right? 

The chickenhawk crowd is more desperate and at the end of their rope than they let on. Many who appear rich are actually playing the “fake it ’til you make it” game. If we remain non-violent enough, who knows? We might see a huge spike in the suicide rate among high-net-worth individuals. 

A suicide epidemic among xenophobic, master-racy, fatalistic, knowledge-hating, spite-filled wealthy people? It’s like the rich white trash would be taking itself out. 

The people I’m talking about, envision their whole world as a pyramid. 

Seated at the tippy-top of this festering, war-fostering pyramid are the billionaires who own bomb shelters. The bomb shelters themselves tell the story. Feeling certain that civil war loomed just over the horizon, the billionaires hired building contractors to construct their survival domiciles. Only, being so in love with their money, the rich guys also bullshitted the building contractors into deferred payment plans and other financial slights-of-hand. The shrewd operators never had any intention of honoring the payment plans because civilization was at its near-end. 

So now the billionaire has his bomb shelter.  

Only the civil war has yet to happen. 

And the contractors have hired collection agencies. 

Beneath the bomb-shelter-building billionaires on this pyramid are the not-as-rich believers who also pulled similar financial tricks to create their own self-serving ploys. Many leveraged themselves to the hilt, all because they believe that the civil war is a-comin’. They committed big bucks to their schemes and are now sweating the repayments. 

Wouldn’t it be mega-super-duper-rad if the civil war never happened and all these guys end up getting financially fucked over, prompting them to commit suicide en masse?

Non-violence, my fellow humans. 

Let’s get all non-violent on them and fuck them out of their financial future, what do you say? 

The beautiful thing about non-violence in this situation is that it not only reduces physical risk to us, it also wastes their money. 

These people love money more than anything else. 

If this is “war” then we need to hurt what they love. 

If more of the USA’s rich white trash took itself out, this planet might have a chance.

Operation White Privilege. 1/6/21. Part II. Part III. Part IV.
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