Fuck customers. The investor is always right. Part II.

I don’t know how much of a socialist I am. But I do know that I hate rich white trash.
Mitch and Joe: “Fuck America. The investor is always right.” Pic source.

Good Bloomberg piece: Most Americans Today Believe the Stock Market Is Rigged, and They Are Right.
The article is very, very FC. TIIAR.


As the 20th anniversary of September 11th, 2001 neared, I couldn’t help looking back.

I kept remembering the outpouring of sympathy in the months following the attack. The world grieved with us.

And the USA’s rich white trash spent the next two decades taking gigantic shits all over that goodwill. No other way to look at it. Their post-9/11 profiteering inspired this post and this one.

Before this new post goes any further, I need to acknowledge that the phrase “white trash” has been used to slur and shame poorer whites. The term which I am using here, “rich white trash,” has nothing to do with this—quite the opposite, actually. Let me clarify.

First things first: all three words are crucial. Rich. White. Trash. It would be meaningless if the first word were absent.

Too much money—not too little—is the problem.

They are the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie and the people who own the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie.

Rich white trash have a defect in their souls. Some were born poor. Some were born rich. Some in the middle class. But somewhere along the way, precious piles of money appeared. And RWTs’ inner Smeagols morphed into Gollums.

It’s not about financially well-off caucasians acting like shitty, poor caucasians. It’s about financially well-off caucasians acting like shitty, rich caucasians.

Not all rich white men and women are rich white trash.
How do you tell whether or not a wealthy person is rich white trash? Ask them about taxes. If the veins in the temples flare up—ROMEO WHISKEY TANGO. Rich white men and women think differently, they work for equality. They support tax increases for the wealthy and corporations.

Rich white people work for truth. Rich white trash promote the Big Lie. Rich white people focus on the future. Rich white trash live in the past. Rich white people foster intelligence while rich white trash reward those who are shrewd and manipulative. Rich white trash ruin the environment and profit while doing so. Rich white people invest in climate change.

I don’t like being labeled a socialist when my issue is that I hate financial exploitation, environmental devastation, and white supremacy. I like the possibility of living in a country where everyone has a decent chance to make something of themselves. Unfortunately, the United States is not that country. It never has been. Rich white trash can’t be rich white trash without the racist patriarchy.

This racist patriarchy ruined the The Customer Is Always Right business ethic of the 20th Century. Rich white trash like The Investor Is Always Right more.

You may have noticed that my comparison did not include Black and brown folks. Rich white trash have been working to exclude other demographics from reaching the top of the financial pyramid and the decades-long campaign has been effective.

Adolph Hitler would have loved the USA’s contemporary RWT.
After the Nazis gained power in Germany and began to act aggressively towards other nations, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and many responsible people in power pushed for the United States to join the anti-Nazi coalition. But…rich white trash dug in their isolationist heels, pushing back against tax increases and remaining obtuse about the big picture. (If anything, many of them shared the Nazis’ anti-Semitism.) In 1936, WWII could have been over years before it started. Hundreds of millions of lives could have been saved.

Hands down, the stupidest conversation in the USA centers around these evil-sounding thingies called “Communism” and “Marxism.” Rampant speculation by rich white trash caused the Great Recession. Then they got bailed out by Uncle Sam and ended those turbulent years wealthier than before. The term “jobless recovery” entered our vocabulary while tax shelters got stuffed with money from the United States Treasury. 

Rich white trash have never recovered from their unfounded and paranoid feelings of existential threat following the election of Barack Hussein Obama. And the masses keep paying the price.

The Middle Class got destroyed.

The American Dream became American Exceptionalism.

And that was all before the pandemic.

800,000+ deaths. All because the country protected the health of the stock market.

Now, the anniversary year of 9/11 comes to an end.

Looking back, the biggest news of 2021 had to do with the fact that the wealthy got vaccinated while pushing an anti-vaccination message to MAGA. They even got the booster.

Because of anti-vaxxers, our Covid-19 numbers are spiking and a new lockdown is a possibility. Medical professionals are getting overloaded once again because our for-profit healthcare system is fragile. (But it is investor-friendly.)

This is terrorism.

Rich white trash terrorism.

Twenty years ago, a rich kid named Osama bin Laden knew exactly how to strike the United States of America.

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