I’m not a socialist. You have billionaires’ peni up your bum. That’s the problem.

Hysteria about the dreaded communism demon from people who let the 1% take advantage is dumb(er).
Dickbag Meme
This meme is a meme among memes. A timeless meme. A classic meme. Meme-literature. If there were a Pulitzer Prize for memes, this meme would win it.

Not gonna be a long post. I’ll link to others below, similar subjects. Read those if this one intrigues you. 

For historical reference, we’re about to hit Super Tuesday. I like that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are bringing it strong for the progressive end of the Democratic Party. 

Progress has happened. 

Four years ago, Bernie challenged Hillary because she needed a challenge. The corporate Dems and the Wall Street Dems thought she had it locked. They wanted to buy it all.

Their fantasies involved the minions getting in line to vote and elect an agenda that further benefited the 1% while hurting everyone else.  

That’s my problem with Wall Street Democrats. They’re great at the “Wall Street” part, but they suck at the “Democrats” side of it all. 

Wanting to make those top “earners” pay more taxes is not about socialism. It’s about not being bitches of the oligarchs. It’s about hating this push for neo-feudalism. 

I hope that mainstream America sees through the “OH MY GOD THAT’S SOCIALISM” paranoia. (Well, I don’t see the #MAGA crowd getting it, but I’ve given up on them long ago.) My concern is the folks who hate Donald Trump’s supremacist agenda, but also get worried when rich people tell them that electing Bernie or Liz will lead to mass enslavement and confiscation of property. High-net-worth individuals love government handouts and incarcerating people to keep the public fearful. America’s HNWI would make Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin proud.


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