The U.S.A. will so rock at this fascism thing. Trust me: I released four books during the 2010s.

An end-of-the-decade salute to the non-readers who helped me get a feel for Germany in the early 1930s.
After I began writing Fearkiller (Volume 1) in early 2010, Politico ran a story about the GOP’s plan to use the Obama presidency to fearmonger and scare money out of donors. The above slide is from a consultant’s presentation deck. 

You know what? I need to open this post with some love. 

At the beginning of the decade, I committed to writing and doing so causes a person to freak out a lot. Fortunately, many folks I’ve run into along the way have been positive and I value that so much. Thank you.

So before talking about the country’s budding book burners, I gotta recognize the normal people, the cool ones. Thankfully, there seem to be a lot more of you than there are nazified numbnuts and naziesque ninnie-ladies. 

(But after America elected a black president, wannabe-fascists only grew more vocal—and still grow more vocal as we hit the new decade—about their opposition to anything that isn’t white, idiotic, Blonde-Jesus-y, and violent…wait…what am I saying? You’ve been here, just like me. You know.) 

First group of cool people: readers. 
Readers of every gender, ethnicity, religion, size, hair color, etc…guess what? You’re cool. My first book, Fearkiller (Volume 1), opened with a white guy being beaten to death with a hammer and the book followed the mind of the person who did the killing. I knew it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Readers who checked out the beginning on Amazon have told me, “Uhhhh…no. I’d rather read non-disturbing shit, thankyouverymuch.” But you know why all readers are cool? No reader has ever given me static or condescending bitchiness about self-publishing. No reader has acted like my self-published books don’t deserve to be called books. The fact that I’m not famous, they don’t judge me for it. Whatever I did by writing, you recognize what it took to get a book out into the world. Thank you to every reader I have conversed with during the 2010s. 

Second group of cool people: people of color—both readers and non-readers. 
Never once has a POC heard about my writing ventures and suddenly changed into sniveling, chip-on-shoulder freaks who act like they want to dial the Book Authorities to verify what I did. While having conversations about my writing with POC, never once have I wondered if the person owned an armband or two. I released my first book in September 2012 and in the eight years since, I can say to the world that none of America’s non-white citizens contribute to the budding authoritarianism that you read about in the news these days. Sure, I hear you saying, “Well…duh, my dude. We know they aren’t. Not really telling us anything groundbreaking here.” I get it. But the reason I did state this fact is to reiterate that all of the propaganda my country puts out—every bit of it—is this combination of white-as-a-soda-cracker and lily-white, with a side of mayonaisse. My country’s propagandists who help the 1% take more money want to convey equality, but America never once experienced equality. These days, it regresses. 

Third group of cool people: 60% of white non-readers. 
Guess what, 60% of white non-readers? You’re cool. You belong to the human race. Be proud. You are not an Orc like the other 40% of white non-readers. And this isn’t political. While many of the cool white non-readers lean left, many right-leaning, non-reading white people also belong to the human race instead of the Orcs. Money tends to be the factor that determines one’s fascist tendencies in this day and age. When it comes to the responses to my book writing, Silicon Valley-type techbros who voted for Obama can sound more Nazi-like than blue-collar Trumpsters. Our country’s spiraling income inequality during the decade…those who benefited from it also know that they took advantage of the masses. They don’t want no stinkin’ free-thinkin’ types doing some free-thinkin’ about how earning compounded interest off of your investments and then paying lower tax rates is a buncha bullshit. Rich leftie non-readers suck just as bad as your Rush Limbaugh-listening CEO who masturbates to pictures of himself. (Vignette from my first book.) 

So…readers, people of color, and 60% of white non-readers: thank you for being cool. Let’s roll into the 2020s and only continue with the coolness.

You know what? Now that I acknowledged the cool people—the ones who won’t be on the front lines of the fascist takeover—I realized that I’ve written plenty about the fascist types, so I’ll just provide some links instead of pontificating further. Writing about the good people put me in a good mood.

Check these out:

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Here’s my Amazon Author Page where you can find links to three of my books. 

My fourth book, it’s free. I wrote a story about God and it felt weird to want money for it, so I put it up on SlideShare. Part 2. 


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