The Donald Trump Tax, continued.

There are free markets. And then there are “free markets.”

1/20/21: America took out the trash.

Part 2 of “The Donald Trump Tax.

Today, Robin Hood restricted trading on stocks that have been pumped by Redditors. Individual folks got together to target different companies and manipulate the price—you know…what hedge funders, oligarchs, and investment bankers do.

And wow. The rich fellas flipped.

Crocodile tears from high-net-worth individuals is a sign that they don’t pay enough taxes. Behavior like whining, pissing, moaning, and yelling out “HEY NO FAIR!” ruins the “Masters of the Universe” vibe that the self-proclaimed “Masters of the Universe” seem to be aiming for. And…wait for it…a tax increase might be just the thing that they need.

The rich folks who take advantage of passive-income generation get creepy when it comes to their sense of worth. If anything, they need to pay more taxes just because they believe their own bullshit wayyyy too deeply.

It’s okay to say it.

Go ahead. Say it. I won’t tell. Even if you whisper it to yourself after looking over both shoulders to make sure that nobody else is within earshot, go ahead.

Here, on three. One. Two. Three.

“America’s high-net-worth individuals and its corporations need hefty tax increases to pay for the damage that Donald Trump’s presidency caused, since they seem to be the only ones who benefited during that four-year time period.”

Didn’t it feel good to say that? Even if Siri or Alexa notifies the Techbro-Gestapo and the goons show up at your doorstep to whisk you away for questioning, guess what? You said it.

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