Tear gas for some. Crocodile tears from others.

Willful ignorance. Some whites don’t leave home without it.

Gadsden Target
This meme is Pulitzer-worthy. To the literary geniuses @themwokesnakes: be proud. This meme mocks the types of whites who believe that the only time for rioting, looting, and turning over cop cars is when their team wins the championship.

Writing this as the protests continue to take place across the country. 

A day after Don threatened the masses with the military. 

Also a day after protesters in my hometown pulled off this display of non-violent beauty right here.

I won’t make this a long post. Just wanted to state that my new most-hated thing is those intentionally obtuse questions from fellow white people similar to: 

The officer got arrested…what more do those protestors want?


Why protest in my state? George Floyd got killed in Minnesota?

Some people’s social media posts…you can almost hear their huffiness as they type thoughts like these, then hit ‘Enter’.

The budding book burners just want everyone to shut up about all of this already. These Fox News watchers and Breitbart readers do not care about any of the issues that set off the country. No other way to put this. They don’t.

Empathy isn’t in their DNA and they consider this trait a strength. Not caring makes them proud. They’ve long since gotten over their initial shock at seeing George Floyd get murdered by Officer Derek Chauvin. They believe that their role, as descendants of the white men who built this country, is to shame the masses into going back to work during this pandemic so the stock market can once again rock. (Oh: many of these people don’t own stock and they don’t understand how little they benefit from a strong stock market. But…knowing things isn’t their thing.) They pride themselves on their ability to give people of color blank stares. They love thinking that their ability to make thoughtless comments must drive the other side crazy.

But inside, they’re shitting their pants.

They know that the issue of police violence against people of color is out of control and never was in control in the first place.

Keep standing together. Sooner or later, they’ll fess up.

Then progress happens.

Donald Trump is a weak man’s idea of a strong man, a dumb man’s idea of a smart man, and a poor man’s idea of a rich man. — Fran Lebowitz

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My sci-fi.


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