Americans saying they’re too tough to wear masks is so chickenhawk.

Military-fetishizing Americans getting militant about refusing to help America stop the spread of Covid-19. Git some.
America Fuck Yeah

It feels like something should have happened by now, but hasn’t yet.

What I’m talking about relates to social distancing.

When looking at how far America’s situation has spiraled downward, it is surprising that some Fox-News-watching gundamentalist hasn’t pointed out the following piece of irrefutable truth: the phrase “social distancing” sounds eerily similar to the word “socialism.”

Say them out loud. “Social distancing.” “Socialism.”

See what I mean?

How come some person in a MAGA hat hasn’t gone ballistic over this fact yet? These types have been searching for every chance to lose their tempers ever since America elected a black man as its president. If you’re looking for an excuse to throw a red-white-and–blue temper tantrum, this is it.

Self-described “Alpha Males” and their womenfolk believe that Marxists lurk around every corner and Stalinism will pounce at any second. But why put those noggins through so much stress? It seems unnecessarily cerebral to go that far. A basic, surface-level fact is that the phrase “social distancing” and the word “socialism” just sound the same. For authoritarians who pride themselves on expending the bare minimum of mental energy before passing judgment, this feels like a…wait for it…no-brainer. We’re talking dull-witted shit here, ideally tuned to reach chickenhawks who enjoy getting mad at the blacks for kneeling during the anthem and berating people who call Donald Trump a draft-dodger.

Gun-humping dumb-dumbs: social distancing and socialism. Your next conspiracy theory. Given the vibe in the air, Breitbart and Alex Jones should be running stories about this. Just sayin’.

When it comes to the whole mask issue in general: the larger-than-normal stink about it makes sense, in hindsight. It makes sense that empathy-free, privileged folks have told themselves that this is “the hill they will die on.” (Quotes intentional, meant to convey that these people have no intention of putting their lives on the line.) It makes sense in ways that shouldn’t make sense but…considering everything that is happening right now, it just makes sense that some of my fellow citizens won’t do their part to stop the spread of coronavirus. It’s so wrong, but this is prepare-for-the-worst-hope-for-the-best time, folks.

Damn…I still got this streak of optimism in me and I wanted to believe we’d pull together like we were living in some big-budget Michael Bay movie.

Oh yeah, there’s a reason I haven’t brought up the 160,000+ American deaths yet.

Chickenhawks do not give a fuck.

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