Attack of the low-rent rich people.

Covid-19 brings out new levels of fascist trashiness from the 1%.
Covid Shitbag Mitch
The website Covid Shitbags seems to be run by good people. Give it a visit and learn more about how America’s true white trash, the 1%, have used Covid-19 to line their pockets.

Attention world: my country is a fuckshow, in case you hadn’t noticed. 

My country ’tis of fuckshow,

Sweet land of fuuuuckkkshow,

Dumb dumb dumb duuuuh-mmmb.


(I ad-libbed that last line, got to thinking about the current state of the country and my creative juices started flowing, I guess.)

The United States has been quite dumb for quite some time. And yet, the downward spiral into a mix of stupidity, inequality, and white supremacy only seems to keep mutating and self-stupefying as time goes on. 

Low-rent rich people are gettin’ stinkin’ rich off of it all.

This crowd vehemently denies their own racism, yet profiteers off of promoting racism in working-class whites. White low-rent rich people think of themselves as naturally superior to Jewish people, yet they display the same levels of chintziness and penny-pinching that fuel their worst anti-Semitic tropes.

Low-rent rich people inspired a scene in my first book, a scene which takes place during the initial stages of the financial meltdown that spawned the Great Recession. Fast-forward twelve years—while also adding in a pandemic, just to spice things up—and you got low-rent CEOs doing the same thing that I described fictionally in Fearkiller (Volume 1).

The United States has long since squandered every bit of good will the world showed us after the attacks of September 11, 2001. All that sympathy…seems so long ago, like back when there were MP3 players and shit. But, as the old saying goes: take your good will and stick it—chickenhawks and ammosexuals gotta invade countries and hand out no-bid contracts to Halliburton, bitches! 

Since I’m taking a stroll down Memory Lane here, remember when bailing out the stricken airlines seemed like our patriotic duty? Their aircraft were used in the horrific attacks of 9/11. So it felt good, as taxpayers, to help keep our nation’s airlines afloat.

Afterward, their executive management teams used the American public—a very low-rent rich people move. Fuel prices went down while ticket prices did not. Advances in technology like composite materials led to aircraft that were cheaper to operate and maintain. Did the airlines pass these savings on to consumers? Hell no. They overbooked flights and charged customers for extra bags. The airlines’ highly-paid lobbyists pushed government to ruin unions’ power.

In May of this year, we handed these airlines another government handout. The same airlines had been using their earnings over the previous years to buy back stock, enriching their low-rent investors. (Low-rent investors matter more than the employees who keep operations going; they teach this in business schools nowadays.) This meant that they had little set aside for emergencies like a pandemic slowing down the country. But these low-rent white men knew the drill: rainy-day funds aren’t needed because their government buddies—who campaign on the platform that big government is bad—will hand them checks. Gotta wonder what types of yachts the low-rent rich folks will buy with this government cheese.

Now we just passed the 90000 mark for Covid-19 deaths. Low-rent rich people don’t seem to care.

Remember just a few months ago? Low-rent rich media pundits like Rush Limbaugh gaslighted their audiences about coronavirus’ potential danger, telling Americans to worry more about the stock market getting spooked than the virus taking innocent lives.  Then you had garbage-caucasian Alex Jones hawking a coronavirus toothpaste cure.  And trashy Jim Bakker shilling his own coronavirus treatment. Since he believes in the Prosperity Gospel that birthed the rich, blonde pussy-hound named Trickle-Down Jesus, Bakker acting so snake-oil-salesman-esque makes perfect sense.  

And ain’t this some shit? News just broke that in March, the White House squelched coronavirus news and advocated against testing. Why? They were worried about the stock market.

A government owned by low-rent rich people got so worried about the stock market that they gave Wall Street trillions of taxpayer dollars. Banks got to handle the loans and immediately favored low-rent rich people, shafting the majority of Americans.

Now, like I said, we just passed the 90000 mark for Covid-19 deaths.

But wait! There’s more!

The people who pushed the masses to ignore this impending crisis, then received a disproportionate amount of the bailout money, guess what? They now demand that the masses risk their lives by going back to work even though the virus is still spreading.   

America’s low-rent rich people have gotten way-too-comfortable stating that the nation’s weak and elderly should keep on dying because low-rent rich people have yachts to buy and divorce lawyers to hire.

Low-rent rich people are chintzing out on hazard pay for the people that America calls its “essential workers.”

Sorry, “heroes.” Howzabout we fly military planes around for you, soundgood? If you’re really good and obedient, we’ll hang speakers on the military planes and they’ll blast “Highway to the Danger Zone” as they zoom past. 

Blue Horseshoe loves fascism.

Blue Horseshoe is white trash.

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My fellow Americans: we can’t let Corporate America fyrefestival our nation’s response to coronavirus.

I also write fiction. Dark comedy and sci-fi. 

28 thoughts on “Attack of the low-rent rich people.

  1. As Linda Hunt’s character,in The Year of Living Dangerously said,” what,then,must we do?”

    1. Good question. The first thing we need to do is become okay with pointing out the 1%’s corruption. We still hesitate to do this. They are better at taking than giving and we need to say so more often.

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