Saying those quiet parts out loud.

The Right wants to talk about fascist ideas like poor people dying for the stock market and normalizing neo-Nazism. Let’s talk about white privilege and the oligarchs’ fragile insecurities instead.
Tucker.Dan Patrick
Whoa nellie, did you see this interview on Fox News? Sure, it’s been a crazy few weeks, but I did nazi this nonsense coming. Were Dan Patrick and Tucker Carlson just being seigheil-arious and none of us caught the joke? Like, maybe the statements were a big hit-ler with the audience, but the rest of us did not register their meanings. Could it be that they’re goering up for something…who knows? I love the sound that turkeys make, “goebbels…goebbels…goebbels…” Okay, I’ll stop.

The first time I saw the phrase “saying the quiet parts out loud,” I tripped. 

Not physically, mind you. But I had to stop thinking about other things for a bit and let my mind process that concise bit of wisdom. Seeing that statement on my computer screen for the first time felt trippy. If memory serves, the writer was addressing Donald Trump dogwhistling his base with overtly racist language. Or…hang on a sec…maybe it focused on Donald Trump’s blatant use of sexism to stir up misogyny in his disproportionately-male, red-hatted fanbase. Or…it could have been that moment when…

You know what? There have been so many moments since late 2016, when white spite found its white knight. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that I first saw the phrase “saying the quiet parts out loud.” Whoever first said this term, I toast their genius and ability to read the pulse of this nation’s sicknesses. (I’m not talking about Covid-19; the sicknesses discussed in this blog post have to do with what runs around in people’s skulls, making a few at the top lots and lotsa money.)

Here’s another trippy thought about that phrase: the Left can say the other quiet parts out loud as well, you know. As this pandemic paralyzes much of our country, it does grant us a few moments in time to ruminate about how we got ourselves into this predicament. Every bit of this current stress was 100% avoidable, only our nation got too scared about hurting the beloved stock market instead. 

Not only could we have avoided this current fuckshow, we also now must deal with a Right wing that feels they can use the pandemic to take their passive-aggressive trolling to new levels. If they’re not openly mentioning nazi-esque nonsense, they’re dialing up the Schrodinger’s Douchebaggery and planting war-smirks on their chickenhawk faces.

None of this is normal. And in spite of what the hedge-funders say, talking about this lopsided, preventable problem is perfectly okay. 

Look at it this way: if the Right feels like they can casually speculate about fascist, white-trash-garbage like asking older people to die to help keep the stock market strong, the Left should feel that it’s okay to casually mention that America’s 1% bear most of the blame for not only the Great Recession, but whatever this current craziness threatens to become as well.

If you want to say that the 1% has become the nation’s biggest liability, it’s cool. Say it. After all, those fellas all pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps and have never received any free stuff from the government, so they are secure enough to hear your criticism without feeling the need to counter-attack.

If the Right thinks it can point out segments of the population and state that those people are “useless” and “non-productive,” I can point out people like Donny and Eric Trump, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jamie Dimon, the majority of Silicon Valley executives, Stephen Moore, Jared Kushner, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Richard Barr, William Barr—so many more—and say the same things.

I, too, can say other quiet parts out loud—talk about their predatory instincts, their racism, their servile authoritarianism, their two-faced view of the country.

I could say so many more quiet parts out loud when it comes to #MAGA and its hypocritical outlook. And I keep thinking that we Americans should have been saying these quiet parts out loud long ago. Now we need to play catch-up. 

Warm up your vocal chords. It’s cool. 

I close with a quote from the late, great Indiana Jones. May he rest in peace.

“Nazis…I hate these guys.”

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I’ve been told that my dark comedy series and my sci-fi story both say the quiet parts out loud, too. 

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