Holy crapsicles! I think Covid killed America’s exceptionalism.

The country’s pandemic response failed. It failed everybody but rich people and corporations, I mean.
So, so perfect: a mask-rejecting ‘Merican wearing this t-shirt on the day that he finally comes unglued on the people who understand how viruses work. Something about that t-shirt feels so right. In this wrong way, I mean. Wrong and weird. Uncomfortable weird. And syphilitic. I feel like the American Eagle went to a gun convention in Vegas and caught syphilis.

Check out this Medium post, “American Passports Are Worthless Now.” Too sad. Too sad and wayyyy pathetic.

If you want to get annoyed, click on this piece, “Jared Kushner, Trump’s Golf Buddy and McConnell’s In-Laws Cashed In on PPP Loans.”

Over 130,000 dead. No control over the virus’ spread. And we got the 1% pursuing their goals of establishing a kakistocracy.

My fellow Americans: we are a banana republic gone bananas.

Just a few short months ago: we’re in lockdown. It sucks, still feels new and unfamiliar, but our diligence seems to be flattening the curve. The medical professionals in the media say that the rates of infection are slowing.

While staying indoors, we learned that rich Senators sold and bought stocks after hearing classified information about the spread of coronavirus. But America shrugs its shoulders at such behavior now. “They are the ‘Job Creators’…remember?”

Then Texas’ Lt. Governor goes on Tucker Carlson and says the quiet stuff out loud. His words got lots of head-nods from the types who don’t own stocks but love to bellow, “PREZZIDENT TRUMP SEZ THE STOCK MARKET’S DOIN’ GREAT…CHECKMATE LIBS.” The mouth-breathing garbage-people sounded like they couldn’t wait to hear about sick people and the elderly dying.

Not long after that, Elon Musk cried out that California needed to reopen. And, America being America, many sided with him because his bank account is many times bigger than those fancy-pants doctors’ bank accounts.

Covid-19…attack of the low-rent rich people.

And think: I haven’t even mentioned the wave of protests that happened after George Floyd’s murder got filmed so we all could get a glimpse at the common experience of African-American citizens in “the greatest country in the world.”

(Those quotes? So intentional.)

I believe in Planet Earth more than I believe in the United States of America. I love Planet Earth exponentially more than I love the United States of America. Planet Earth is the air around me and the ground beneath my feet and the resources that become the food that I eat to remain alive. America is lines on a map.

Even before the pandemic, America’s 1% only cared about cheating the masses. They rejected their patriotism long ago.

America could be something great, don’t get me wrong. But working to achieve that ideal doesn’t rank high on my list of priorities. I’m more concerned with equality. I want to help a planet right itself before it’s too late. And sometimes, I don’t think America wants equality or a livable Earth. Many Americans do. But America doesn’t.

Some Americans, they might be too addicted to that draconian, racist ideal of exceptionalism. Now they’re just gonna go mask-less and roll coal until the ‘rona takes them away to the Heavens.

In closing, I present this article, “The Plagues That Might Have Brought Down the Roman Empire.

I don’t just write blog posts. I write fiction as well. Check out my sci-fi series. And if you think it’s all bananas and nonsense now, imagine what it’s going to be like when Eric Trump is president

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