Fuck customers. The investor is always right. Part III.

“We should measure the prosperity of the nation not by the number of millionaires but by the absence of poverty; the prevalence of health; the efficiency of the public schools; and the number of people who can, and do read worthwhile books.” — W.E.B. DuBois
Read futurist Douglas Rushkopf’s piece, Survival of the Richest.

Fuck customers. The investor is always right.
Part II.

A 20th-century business ethic shaped this country: The Customer Is Always Right. The practice itself was far from perfect. Many workers got exploited.

Only over the course of the past forty or so years, the U.S. replaced The Customer Is Always Right with The Investor Is Always Right.

Which is nothing but a 21st-century get-rich-quick-scheme for white supremacists who, these days, behave like the worst of their own anti-Semitic stereotypes.

The Investor Is Always Right makes The Customer Is Always Right look like a fair and equitable—not to mention much less racist—approach to market-based economics.

Along with tax breaks that explode the deficit, the rentier class receives preferential treatment for pretty much everything nowadays, regardless of who else pays the prices. 

As 2021 winds down, let’s enjoy the metric tons of Fuck customers. The investor is always right. vibrations that emanate from the juxtaposition of two year-end articles. 

This WSJ headline, “Stock pickers are struggling to beat the market,” says a lot. The subhead rounds out the thought: “Some 85% of active U.S. stock funds were on pace to underperform the S&P 500 this year.” 

Compare those to this headline and subhead from the Guardian piece: “Black Americans continue to see higher jobless rate despite market recovery.” and “Black Americans had 6.7% unemployment rate in November as economists unsurprised by disparity.” 

Both articles are well worth your time. I suggest reading them.

If you don’t, here is the takeaway:

Fuck Black Americans. The investor is always right.

And yes: the investor is increasingly white.

Even when these investors and the people who work for them make mistakes, others get punished.

The story isn’t new. Only it’s getting worse.

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