Bros: America’s new Jews.

When one group increasingly displays the worst stereotypes of a group that they also hate. 
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Part II. Part III. Part IV. Part V.

Being a cheapskate is the ‘in’ thing for today’s white dudes. Yessireebubba. 

From billionaires to the brokest of the broke, America’s caucasians glamorize nickling, diming and penny-pinching more and more. 

Who drives the popularity of the Prosperity Gospel? Why it’s white people, youbetcha!

This article about donor-advised funds should piss you off. I have a personal connection to it and am writing another blog post about my bizarre experience learning more about late-stage capitalism. Connecting to this post though, the whole DAF idea had to do with making what looked like a charitable contribution, for tax purposes, but giving it to a fund that might or might not fund charitable work. The added extra they brought was a centralized place for this new “fund” which would then generate interest and fees off of the assets under management.

The whole thing sounded…what’s the word…cheap.

As the investor class and high-net-worth individuals hoard more and more, poorer whites passionately rationalize the tax shelters and offshore accounts with increasing fervor. When their jobs get outsourced because the stock price needs a kick, obedient white people praise the glories of the free market. 

The same white people then start to short-change the help, the people who take their dinner orders and repair their home appliances. In white peoples’ minds, this is all okay. Rich white people mistreat them, they get to mistreat everyone else. It all flows downhill. The person I’m talking about, their world revolves around squeezing the dollar as far as it could humanly be squeezed. They never consider criticizing the 1% whose stated intent is to profiteer even further. 

Hey, at least Jews aren’t taking advantage like this. 

And could you imagine if black people had the power to make financial robbery happen on the scale that white guys do? 

Attention world: there are American caucasians who read those previous two sentences and nodded their heads wholeheartedly in agreement. My sarcasm? Waaayyyy over their heads. 

Sometimes, one’s brainwaves can get clogged from the residue left behind by the George Soros-hate that one mainlines.

America®. We call our rich whites “fiscally-conservative” and our Jews “greedy”!™

When the #maga crowd talks about the America of the 1950s, they don’t want to bring back its strong middle class or the high tax rates for the rich. Nope. The world they want would resemble ‘Porky’s’.

In their world, the white bro would pull the Jew aside and lecture him that the anti-Semite bro had an anti-Semite dad, so the Jew needs to understand. Then the Jew would feel guilty.

Donald promised this America to bros.

Anti-Semitic white cheapskates: they are a problem. And remember: this is a mindset, not an income bracket. It isn’t a class thing, either.

Any person can be this trashy. 

Part II. Part III. Part IV. Part V.

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