Bros: America’s new Jews, part V.

White America: “We need to risk death by returning to work so rich white men will be able to keep more money out of Jewish hands.”
Coronavirus Stimulus Plan Corporations Meme
White America has no issue with rich white bankers being chintzy and pinching pennies. The most-duped of the rubes seem to think that dying for the stock market is the new way to demonstrate how ‘Merican you are.

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Here’s a quick thought experiment: 

Imagine…cue the dramatic music…a virus hits the country, bringing it to a standstill.

In the aftermath, the nation’s Jewish financiers and CEOs use their government connections to connive Uncle Sam out of money. Even though the Federal Reserve itself has already reduced interest rates to all-time lows to make loans the cheapest they’ve ever been, the Jewish financiers and CEOs respond that this doesn’t go far enough. They demand free money from the government—not cheap money, but free money. The government complies.

After putting the free money in the bank, the Jewish CEOs lay off a significant percentage of their workforces. They give public statements about using government bailout money to save their businesses, doing their best to hide their snickers as they make these statements. Then, while simultaneously writing checks to their friends and sending funds to offshore accounts, these Jewish financiers and CEOs demand that the public quit following the lockdown guidelines that were put in place to contain the spread of the virus. Even though coronavirus has yet to be contained and deaths could result, they want workers back on the job because this would be the best thing for the financiers’ stock portfolios. They aren’t shy about stating their concern for their precious, delicate stock portfolios, either. Minimal efforts will be made to look out for workers’ safety because the stock portfolios’ health matters more. The rich Jews state that they themselves would not be returning to work, but will oversee the workers from the comfort of their own homes using the finest technology that surveillance capitalism has available. When the public cries out that returning to work could put the elderly at risk from contact with loved ones, the Jewish leaders laugh dismissive laughter. They blow off the workers’ concerns by saying that old people are meant to die and the Jews’ financial health matters more. 

Imagine that happening. 

Now imagine the response from Fox News viewers and Breitbart readers. 

This crowd would crap itself. 

This crowd would yell about how un-American the Jewish financiers were. 

They would scream that the Founding Fathers would never stand for this. 

They would begin their outcries with, “It says so in the Constitution that…” 

They would bring up worker safety and rail against the owners who do not care about worker safety. 

This crowd would go out of their way to define themselves as the “real” Americans—unlike the greedy, heartless, Jewish rich guys.

Then, as the initial diatribe dies down, this crowd would re-crap itself. We’re talking red-white-and-blue poops that exceptionally reek with American exceptionalism. 

That’s what would happen.

Only here’s the thing: greedy financiers and CEOs did everything laid out in my thought experiment. It all happened over the course of the last three months as more than 90000 Americans have died. Only the majority of these greedy financiers and CEOs weren’t Jewish. Their views ranged from Prosperity-Gospel Evangelicalism to alt-Right atheism.   

Publicly-traded companies pushed for bailout money meant for small businesses. In just one month, from March 18th to April 22nd, the richest in America grew their wealth 10.5%. While the Covid-19 death rate climbed, America’s rich white men pulled out all the stops to make themselves richer. At the same time, the rich are getting the government to bully workers, pushing them back onto the job.

But not as many of these rich people advocating for the masses to risk death were Jewish. Which made Fox News viewers and Breitbart readers sigh gigantic sighs of relief. No way would those folks stand for Jewish people treating them so inhumanely. 

Oh, one last thing: anti-Semitism is on the rise. Pandemics like Covid-19 bring out many whites’ Nazi sides.

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39 thoughts on “Bros: America’s new Jews, part V.

  1. Outside the politics/race – we need natural truth that we may live without fear whomever we be, wherever we be:

    From the Philippines
    13 June 1938 is my date of birth. My 8 year blog Viruses Dead End Here And Much, do I fear COVID-19, not at all – why? Find those who speak the truth, and the truth will sit you free from fear. The very, very latest, Dr. Scott Atlas gives you 1-5 bullet points of truth. If you view this video and you find it is not the truth, I await your comments at

    1. I love your thought: “we may live without fear whomever we be, wherever we be” — you hit that nail on the head. Humanity shouldn’t have such a tough time with seeing all humans as equal.

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