I hope that coronavirus helps America redefine the term “white trash.”

While minimum-wage workers keep the country running, the 1% keep conniving to get free stuff from the government.
Burr Loeffler White Trash
The United States of America is a banana republic gone bananas. It enables some of the most disgusting and pasty-faced garbage-people the world has ever seen.

This moment in time, this place called America—hoo boy…history is gonna rip it a new one. 

By then, courts will have made their rulings in all of the lawsuits that will be filed against Fox News as a result of their negligent reporting during the first weeks of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Sadly, historians of the future will have read many stories about those deaths that could have been prevented, if only healthcare groups and governmental crisis-management organizations didn’t get stripped of their capabilities by greedsters looking to squeeze every dollar out of the system—while simultaneously pinching every possible penny in tax payments. As they write their texts about Spring 2020, they will look back at an America obsessed with the stock market’s recovery and ambivalent about the working-class recovery.

Senators Burr and Loeffler—the trashy whites you see here—how many of their wealthy friends got told to dump their stocks as well? How many insider caucasians got the secret memo that the days of stock buybacks might be coming to an end? 

America’s high net worth individuals love to hear about layoffs. They seek out companies that take advantage of the government. (Even though they say they hate the government…yeah…you just gotta go with their bullshit much of the time.) They think twice about buying stock in companies that offer generous benefits plans while getting excited by companies that don’t pay living wages. 

America’s higher-income folks seem like they are getting collectively more anti-Semitic, yet they also behave like the worst of the penny-pinching, money-grubbing stereotypes they use to stigmatize Jews.

They aren’t shy about spouting fascist, Master Racy bullshit.

The documentaries about the Fyre Festival, watching them will teach you a lot about the mindset that thinks it runs this country.

So will the 80s T&A flick Porky’s.

Too many rich folks looking to get rich off of this pandemic have contracted Steve Jobs Disease. Too many others are carterburkes. They use phrases like “white men built this country” to exploit white supremacy and make themselves look important. 

If the term “white trash” seems too harsh, we could call them “caucasian garbage.”  

Though the 1% did inspire a scene in my first book, a vignette that takes place around the time of the TARP Bailouts. And reality’s billionaires did make me think of the fictional trillionaires in my second dark comedy, so…maybe that crowd isn’t 100% worthless to me. Come to think of it, my third book, a sci-fi story, happened after thinking about how we humans can begin to move beyond money to a more Star Trekkian type of future, with spaceships and shit—which happened because the folks with all the money want regression, not progression.  

Ohh-kay…due to my fiction writing, I can’t 100% hate the 1%. 

My beef with them isn’t about money. It’s about overprivileged, mentally-soft chickenhawks abusing power that they don’t deserve. It’s about systemic inequality. It’s about enabling racism and sexism in working-class whites, while ruining their livelihoods at the same time. It’s about #MAGA not being as destitute as it pretends to be. It’s about this current pandemic—a problem which only happened because rich white people wanted to focus on the stock market instead. It’s about making decisions that affect others’ lives when you have no business doing so. 

Jared Kushner: I wrote that last sentence for you. Hearing your father-in-law state that you were handling America’s response to Covid-19 did not fill the nation with hope. 

Not like you care. Just sayin’.

To be continued. 

True story: I wrote a fictional story about God. I am not religious, though I can’t truck with the hardcore atheists, either. I just learned some things and it all inspired a story, one with charts and shit. So I did it in PowerPoint and posted it. You want to know how to make writing a story about God less weird? Post it without charging money for it. You even write a second part, why not? It’s free. 

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