My most recent Facebook suspension began 48,500 Covid-19 deaths ago.

Mark Zuckerberg has gotten $31.4 billion richer since the beginning of this pandemic. It pays to give white supremacists and pandemic deniers a platform.

Facebook suspension
This post got me a 30-day ban last year. I wonder…did the words “white pieces of shit” trigger the person who reported me? Or did they get offended by my stating the fact that white nationalists want a country where they can take out their impotent rage on random people? It’s the truth. In their America, rich white men shit on them and they shit on everyone else.

My latest Facebook suspension ends tomorrow. Big whoop.

If I didn’t use Facebook to promote my books, I’d probably deactivate my account altogether. Who knows? That still might happen.

Racists aim to normalize white supremacy and exploit social media to achieve this goal. They barrage posts with hate-speech because they want to tire the rest of us out. When I respond to them with statements like, “The dry cleaner called. Your white hood and sheet are ready.” or “Does your billionaire owner know that you’re using social media right now? Don’t make him grab your wife by her pussy again.”, it’s cool when people of color give me a “Like.” It’s even better when folks add their two cents and burn the racists, too. What’s way coolest of all is when other white dudes jump in and trash the racist. One less thread normalized for supremacy.

My social media activity is not activism and I don’t pretend otherwise. I do more for the cause of equality than respond to hateful whites with comments like, “You’re only racist because you’re mad at your mother for not swallowing.” and “You need to remove that tax-avoiding billionaire’s dick from your mouth if you want to sound more authoritative.” I volunteer for political causes because these efforts can lead to real change. Whites can dream of equality, too.

This post from last year, So Facebook slapped me with a 30-day ban for using the term “white trash”. Would “caucasian garbage” be an acceptable alternative? nicely sums up many of my thoughts on the issue of Facebook Jail. I don’t feel the need to go crazy writing much more about the subject. 

On a positive note, social media gives me a chance to have conversations with nice people, strangers that I’ll never meet in person but their views make me smile and help me realize that I’m not alone. Then there’s the folks who leave cool links to great sites that I never would have found otherwise. A free exchange of ideas is much appreciated.

These days, here’s the thing: Covid-19 has taken 100,000 lives and continues to kill. It also seems to have mutated supremacists into white-hot, drooling-at-the-mouth dogshit and they want to convey every bit of this ugliness on social media. They’re not looking for a free exchange of ideas, either. Their armbands are in a twist.

I’ll be honest: my optimistic side had been holding out, thinking that these folks would humanize somewhat as the virus spread. And I sure as hell didn’t think they would come across as so smug and entitled when talking about their desire to die for the stock market, as long as they got the chance to go to Chili’s and have a minimum-wage worker wait on them hand-and-foot before they die. Even the amount of pissing and moaning over wearing face masks…I didn’t see that comin’. I had no idea that so many Americans seem to think that low-wage workers don’t deserve hazard pay or supplemental insurance, instead they need to deal with the mistreatment from the masses because it’s their lot in life or something. A Covid-19 hospital stay would bankrupt many workers—it would bankrupt me. Why do we allow this healthcare system to function? I haven’t even gotten to the white glee over coronavirus disproportionately striking people of color, which needs to stop. Concerned white people are the group who should take on this responsibility; minorities got other stresses right now. Just when you thought the Trump Administration couldn’t be any more supremacist, they ship ventilators to Russia instead of to our Native American citizens, who have suffered so many Covid-19 deaths. This is significant. A message is being sent.

My fellow white people, this is not our finest hour—oh yeah: don’t get me started on the Fox News viewers’ and Breitbart readers’ disdain for medical personnel—the fuck?

The level of white spite in my country has never sickened me more.

People think I’m negative when it comes to my fellow white people, but I was a believer. I sincerely thought that they would act differently than…well…than how they are acting now.

Time to switch gears, close this post out in a different vein. I want to share a thought that popped into my head about two weeks ago. More like a vision. I have visions a lot and like having them.

This vision, go back in time with me:

Just mere minutes ago, the Titanic sunk. (The ship, not the movie.) Passengers and crew members flail about in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. Some of these panicked folks cling together. Parents clutch their children. They tread water and shiver and cry out for help in the dark night.

Right as the moment appears to be hopeless and all seems to be lost, the Blue Angels fly by.


So many historical disasters…how rad would it have been if the Blue Angels buzzed these disasters at the key moment? The citizens of Pompeii, choking to death on volcanic ash because Mt. Vesuvius just exploded—and the Blue Angels buzz past! The San Francisco Earthquake, shaking the ground and buildings are falling—but the Thunderbirds just screamed past at Mach 7 and all the San Franciscans are cheering and giving each other the high-five-low-five.




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