My Facebook experiment, “Romeo Whiskey Tango.”

Another 30-day ban for me. But this time, it happened in the pursuit of science.
<to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”> “Rich white trash/Rich white trash/Rich white trash/Rich white trash…” You can take it from there.

– Jesse Pinkman

Last year, I posted I hope that coronavirus helps America redefine the term “white trash.” on my Facebook page. Almost immediately, they slapped me with a 30-day ban.

Tl;dr: this post stated that we need to quit using the phrase “white trash” as a label for economically-disadvantaged whites. Instead, we should say the term “rich white trash” when talking about privileged sociopaths who profiteer off of deadly threats like pandemics. As a slur, “rich white trash” fits men like Mitch McConnell and the anti-Semitic penny-pinchers who own him.

This new post isn’t really about my latest FB banishment, which I received a few days ago. The post has more to do with the recent 20th anniversary of 9/11. If you want to read my thoughts about Facebook “jail” and all that incel-techbro nonsense, click here or here.

As the 9/11 anniversary date neared, I kept thinking back to the world’s outpouring of sympathies during those first months. After the USA got attacked two decades ago, citizens from all around the globe felt our pain.

And guess what? The USA’s rich white trash took a twenty-year-long piss on these sincere feelings. The post-9/11 actions of the high-net-worth crowd inspired Romeo Whiskey Tango, which I posted on September 4th.

The title is phrased using the NATO phonetic alphabet because I was curious about something. How long would this post slip by Zuckerberg’s techbros, I wondered. Sure, both cool humans and woman-hating-racist humans would grasp the title’s meaning—the second two words, at least—but would the AI? Hmmm….

So I got all scientific. Kind of.

And the test results are in:

Eighteen days.

I posted Romeo Whiskey Tango on September 4th, received my 30-day ban on September 22nd.

I thought it would happen a lot sooner, tbh.

My fellow countrymen: we need to talk about our rich white trash problem.

Those people weren’t raised right. They seem so uncivilized.

I’ll write some more posts during my 30-day Facebook hiatus.

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