Bros: America’s new Jews, part III.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Along with the worship of tax-evading hedge funders, techbros and idle rich who hoard money.
His soon-to-be-released autobiography, Donkey-Punched by Billionaires: the Paul Ryan Story, sounds fascinating.

A continuation of I and II. Part IV. Part V. 

Gotta hand it to the finance guys and other passive income earners of America.

Because now we got gaggles and gaggles of whiteboys who idolize this crowd for outsourcing jobs, slashing benefits and acting more and more like the most awful stereotypes associated with Jewish people. The same whiteboys think George Soros and a gang of men who share his religion secretly control the world.

Broke-ass bros believe George Soros helped Hillary traffic children from the basement of a pizza parlor, located in a building that in fact had no basement.

The same boot-lickers rationalize Roy Moore’s actual pedophilia because the guy chased females in their teens. According to cash-strapped caucasians who believe in trickle-down economics, the term “pedophilia” only applies to libs who touch boys.

Kind of like the terms “chintzy”, “cheap” and “tightwad” only apply to Jews.

Yep. Billionaires like their followers dumb.

The 1% wants more than money. They aim to shirk responsibility.

The 1% wants Jews to bear the hatred for their own financial shortchanging of America.

And broke-ass Fox News-watchers happily comply.

Could it be that the 1% convinced broke whitefolks that their hoarding of money means that Jews can’t hoard that money?

Willfully-ignorant whites would eat that type of explanation up.

Look out for your neighbors and friends, everybody. And right now, this weekend, especially anybody who could be an immigration issue. America’s worst citizens are targeting immigrants this weekend.

The stupid people have white privilege on their side.

A continuation of I and II. Part IV. Part V.

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