Scabs crossing the picket lines, then offering to work for free.

White America will risk their lives to help rich whites profiteer off of a pandemic.
Billionaires deserve wealth
“Socialism is bad,” said the person who has no idea that rich people own him.  

You know, I should give my definition for the phrase “White America” before going further. Why not? Since I am a white male as well, who am I talking about when I use this phrase?

Simple: any person who hears the phrase “White America” and immediately gets offended counts as a member of this “White America” group. The people who become pissy because they assume that I am addressing them with that phrase…I am addressing them. 

If they didn’t use their skin color to place themselves above other Americans, I wouldn’t be addressing them. But they do. And they suck. Even worse, the coronavirus death toll is about to reach 90000 and this group seems to find new ways to suck. While the Nazism demonstrated by America’s second-worst people shocks me, goddamn: Fox News’ viewership and Breitbart’s readership could not be more insecure and pathetic. Their combination of supremacy and boot-licking to please the 1%—America’s current worst people—is hard to take seriously.

No. It’s more like because of this virus, I take their idiocy seriously. The potential for danger demands it. Their rejection of science and disrespect for the medical community, their ambivalence about the disproportionate death rates among people of color, the way they ass-kiss rich people who have been getting government bailouts all demand that I take their sad tantrums seriously. 

These whites’ misplaced sense of privilege has been holding this country back for far too long. Now, as Covid-19 spreads, unearned feelings of superiority in whites also contribute to a needlessly-high death rate. White America feels okay pointing out groups that need to die so the rich can get richer.

America’s top earners only care about profiteering from the pandemic. And cluelessly racist whites are helping rich whites hoard more money while asking for nothing in return except for the freedom to be racist. 

I am writing this because these whites seem to think that the majority of whites think like they do. Whites need to do a better job of telling them otherwise. 

MAGA-hatted folk fail to understand that many white people in America see their non-white countrymen as fellow citizens. 100% citizens, as in the same as any white person. The group who gets whiny after hearing the words “White America” tends to rank non-white Americans’ levels of citizenship. They love to spend their time placing certain groups above other groups. They spout bullshit like, “White men built this country” to put others in their places. 

They allow rich white men to exploit unearned feelings of supremacy. 

They live in fear. 

These whites die from despair—alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide—more than any other group.

Rich white Wall Streeters love it when these white people kill themselves. Rich white Wall Streeters have no love for working-class whites and they love it when working-class whites help justify the twisted interpretations of Darwinism that fuel rich men’s delusions of superiority. 

Attention world: my country is a fuckshow.

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When we go smart, they go dumb.

I hope that coronavirus helps America redefine the term “white trash.”

Bros: America’s new Jews. II. III. IV.

America will so rock at this fascism thing. Trust me, I wrote four books during the 2010s.

When things get tense, whites get dense.

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