Bros: America’s new Jews, Part IV…or I guess it’s Part I, P.C. (Post-Coronavirus).

America liked to call whites “frugal” and Jews “cheap.” Then a pandemic hit. White cheapness took on a life of its own.

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part V.

Last July, I wrote the first “Bros: America’s New Jews” post after noticing a pattern: as white Americans grow more anti-Semitic, they also behave like the worst of the money-grubbing stereotypes that they use to stigmatize Jewish people. 

White America whines, pisses, moans, cries, and kvetches about how their country has rejected them.

They rationalize voting for Donald “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hitler” Trump by saying that they feel left behind. In reality, Trump voters earn more and control more wealth than any other group.

When well-off whites complain about being broke, they sound like the anti-Semitic tropes about rich Jewish men who constantly complain that they have no money. And boy oh boy: whites looooooove to drive themselves into tizzies talking about those tropes.

When Jewish-Americans haggle, they get scorned for “acting Jewish.” When MAGA-hatted Christians haggle, the blonde-haired Jesus from the Prosperity Gospel smiles down upon them from the Heavens. 

America thanks white Christians like Robert Mercer for hoarding their wealth because doing so keeps this money away from George Soros and the Deep State. Speaking of “Deep State,” white Americans love speculating that a secretive, oppressive Jewish cabal exists. They believe the only way to counteract it is by establishing a secretive, oppressive whitebread cabal. 

White business executives get raises when they suggest short-term cost-cutting measures. Jewish executives’ cost-cutting measures? Sanctimonious whitefolk respond with, “Well…that IS what Jews ARE good at…coming up with ways to cut costs…”   

And think: all that two-faced hatred thrived on its own long before Covid-19. 

As coronavirus began to spread, the economy nosedived. So the Fed did everything it could to offer cheap loans to help out corporations and larger companies. Yet the non-Jewish greed-mongers who ran those companies still wanted more—historically cheap loans weren’t good enough, they demanded free stuff.

After receiving government handouts, they dialed up the master raciness by pushing to “reopen the economy” and place millions at risk for catching the virus. The Investor Class pitched the idea that hourly employees should go back to jobs where they could contract Covid-19 while the Investor Class would watch over the workers from the safety of their own homes. Fox News pushed this narrative, even though their own employees have been told to stay home.  

Here’s a thought experiment related to the previous paragraph: imagine these whites’ reactions if someone told them that well-off Jews were demanding that the masses put their lives at risk by returning to work while the well-off Jews stayed out of harm’s way, counting the money from the safety of their own homes. My hypothesis: these whites would shit themselves.

The extreme cheapskatedness shown by America’s wealthiest becomes even more eerie when you realize that “open the country” protesters have been using Nazi slogans as part of their rhetoric.

You know who sponsors these ammosexually-populated protests? Rich folks. Groups like FreedomWorks and Tea Party Patriots got plenty of stingy supporters who resent Jews. 

Are Right-wing whites naturally anti-Semitic? No. But they seem to be silent about the resurgence of anti-Semitism. Almost like they’re taking the opportunistic approach and looking out for themselves—you know, acting like the stereotypes they unfairly place on Jews.

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