Bros: America’s New Jews, Part II.

From the looks of it, the investor class embraces cheapness and money-grubbing in ways that seem so…so…the stereotype rhymes with “newish”.
Fed Reserve Chart
The purple and the green areas above? That’s only the top 10% of income earners. The blue and red areas represent the other 90%.

A continuation of Part I. Part III. Part IV. Part V. 

Laying low this weird-ass Fourth of July Weekend, dogsitting a cool dog and watching weird-ass military parades, also The Last Czars. (Hats off, BTW.) I hope your 4th weekend has been relaxing.

The country’s current turbulence signifies that progress is happening. The overt white ugliness piping through the air? Here’s the thing: the fat-cats aimed for a quieter and more unassuming brand of white supremacy. Their insidious game plan to foster a white-centric society did not call attention to itself. The current, loud ugliness gets a cold shoulder from the HNW crowd because they have no idea how to address this push by the minority of racists. They never saw Big Don and his gaggle of red-hatted folks comin’…their volume levels, not what the rich fellas signed on for. 

A similar situation happened in the movie “Aliens”. A character named Carter Burke, played by Paul Reiser, wanted a promotion. So he decided to infect an unknowing crew member with the alien spore in order to sneak the spore past quarantine. Poor Burke died with a slack-jawed look on his face. Right before the alien’s little-mouth bit through Burke’s head, bro must have felt so confused.

I see that same confused look in America’s high-net-worth individuals these days.

Since this is the 4th of July and the holiday is about looking back at America’s great history, I want to look back at one of America’s great unwritten documents. This little pact and its sparing words have lead to some of America’s greatest creations, like “Make America Great Again” ball caps that happen to be manufactured in China.

The Unwritten Contract Between America’s High-Net-Worth White Men and the Rest of America’s White Men 

In return for not objecting while the corporate and investor class take more of the overall wealth, America’s white men hereby receive the guarantee that the 1% will aim to create an America that: 

– Loves penny-pinching white men for taking every financial shortcut and also ridicules Jews for being cheap

– Embraces white men for abusing passive income generation opportunities (often at the expense of workers’ salaries and benefits) while simultaneously embracing the narrative that Mexicans are lazy

– Allows white men to get away with sexual violence while pushing the stereotype that black men are natural predators

– Rewards white men for excelling in areas like engineering and laughs at tropes about Asians being socially-inept numbers geeks 

– Dismisses troubled younger white men’s legal troubles while rationalizing every case of brown-skinned young men getting killed by the police 

– Defends white mass murderers as obvious backlashes to hostility and demonizes Muslim-Americans as the obvious terrorists

– Pats white men on the head for calling themselves “natives” and forgets the existence of Native Americans 

This is the America that the 1% promised to America’s white men: less money, more status. Everything goes great for non-thinking white dudes until reality kicks in. (Incidentally or coincidentally, deaths of despair rates are rising in working-class whites.)

The 1% has hired many, many, many expensive divorce lawyers thanks to this unwritten document. They’ve purchased countless yachts by preying on white males’ gullibilities and insecurities. Some broke-ass white men honor this contract to the letter—to the point where they have gotten used to looking away while the rich men grab their wives and daughters by their pussies. They look away and pretend that a black guy or a Mexican is doing the grabbing and not a white man that they fear.

My hope for this 4th of July weekend is that not too many fellas in #bluelivesmatter t-shirts got into scuffles with our nation’s police.

A continuation of Part I. Part III. Part IV. Part V. 

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