Is America even qualified to celebrate the 4th of July?

The United States of America, Summer 2020: a mix of Neo-Nazi theatrics, out-of-control pandemics, and socialism-for-the-rich economics.
The similarities…how do you nazi them? It’s like #MAGA and Don-Don are goering up for something. Or who knows? Maybe they’re just being seigheil-arious and thought their concept would be a big hit-ler with maskless white dudes and their adoring, obedient womenfolk.

“Nazis…I hate these guys.”  
– Indiana Jones

Nothing coincidental about this America First t-shirt design (displayed on the left) bearing an eerie resemblance to the Nazi Reichstadler. Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. Nothing at all.

American dudebros work themselves up into snicker-filled frenzies when they receive opportunities to pull passive-aggressive stunts like this. I am a whiteboy, I wear the white skin. I’ve seen this behavior my whole life. I lost friends once I decided to not tolerate it any longer.

Those fellas are all about pushing the boundaries of acceptability, gettin’ away with it, livin’ on the “edge.” (Quotes intentional, meant to point out the irony of white privilege.)

People who want kakistocracy tend to fear direct confrontation, but love to observe conflict from the sidelines. If they can help instigate others’ fights, they’re all for it. Violence is their spectator sport, but shhh…don’t tell them that. Chickenhawks pretending to be drill sergeants pose no personal threat. Their goal in life is to sic the National Guard on people who threaten their insecurities. If China and Russia truly wanted to hurt the country, they would stop with the military aggression and make propaganda that appeals to America’s war fetish instead.

Make no mistake: the phrase “America First” on the t-shirt above has anti-Semitic roots. If it were up to the founders of America First, America would have stayed out of World War Two and let the Germans decimate Europe and Russia. They thought that Jews were behind the whole war and didn’t have an issue with Nazi aggression. Yeah, George Soros wasn’t the first to secretly control the levers of power and secretly run the world from Jew Island. America First was on the case decades ago, years before Steve Bannon’s mother shat that alcoholic racist out of her ass.

Donald Trump’s biggest kink is being deliberately offensive, then gaslighting and tone policing people afterward. He loves to intentionally piss folks off, then figure out how to twist all of the negative energy into portraying himself as the victim—while also taking notes of which sycophant came to his defense first. He surrounds himself with Nazi sympathizers, non-military militants, Wall Street gambling addicts, and budding book burners for a reason. Criminals of a feather commit crimes together.

What gives Donald J. Trump, his family, his enablers, and his followers the right to think they have any business celebrating the 4th of July?

Our Founding Fathers would tell them that they needed to start acting like Americans first. Also: wear masks.

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It’s time to revolutionize. 

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