There is civil war and there is “civil war.”

Would the Right still be pressing so feverishly for nationwide conflict if they weren’t 100% convinced that law enforcement will naturally take their side?
Weird-ass flag
Many people think Betsy Ross’ later work was sub-par and blame this on the fact that she began listening to a lot of Iron Maiden as she grew older. Not me. I’ve never held this view. If anything, her earlier art felt too micro-managed by the dudes in frosted wigs and tights, compared to the creative output of her twilight years. Her art from that time period felt more like it truly was her own vision.

The United States of America feels warry.

Or war-esque.

Warrish…is that the word?

Wait, here you go: warlike.

Hmmm. Nope. Still doesn’t feel quite right. While ‘warlike’ is indeed the correct term, it doesn’t feel like it sufficiently describes the vibe.

This atmosphere is weird.

Fox News America isn’t getting the civil war it wants, just the civil war it deserves.

Being a peacenik gives me the ability to see the nonsensicality displayed by the folks who are too unmotivated to join the military—but also feel like they are part of the military because a dead relative fought in a war long ago.

And it’s just…weird. And warry.

Or war-esque.

But whatever makes the world safe for kakistocracy, right?

Cheapskate, penny-pinching anti-Semites have been exploiting white supremacy for quite a while now. I just turned 49 and remember the Reagan years. Dutch didn’t start this modern, slow-moving poo…I mean…coup. But the Porky’s era kicked the agenda laid out in documents like the Powell Memo into overdrive.

Forty years later, the middle class is poorer and the 1% is richer.

Middle-class, MAGA-hatted whites know the solution: persecute the dreaded “other” as opposed to working together with them—and against the rich interests who want to torch the country and make lots of money while doing it.

Instead of standing up to the oligarchs, MAGA wants to show off for the oligarchs and hopefully receive a pat on the head in return. (It’s nice to dream, isn’t it?)

The game plan is to demonstrate one’s loyalty by beating up on brown-skinned folks—after the police make the area safe for whites, that is. And make no mistake: for Americans who have privilege on their side, all of this is just a game.


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