The Donald Trump Tax.

Yo, rich people: you used Don to make out like bandits for the past four years. Time to pay for the damage.

Americans gained $25.8 trillion in wealth during Trump’s presidency. And for every one dollar the richest 10% got, the bottom half got six cents.
Dan Price
In other news, America’s billionaires could give everybody in the country a $3,000 stimulus check and still be richer than they were before the pandemic. It’s past time for a wealth tax.
Robert Reich

I have something I’d like to share. Here goes:


Aw yeah. Woo to the hoo. This happens to be my first post, post-Don-Don. And hot-damn, it feels good.

Now that Don is gone, I gotta bring up one of the 800-pound gorillas in the room: the 1% and corporations saw Donald as a mark, a cover for their money-grabs and manipulations of public policy to tilt in their favor at the expense of the masses.

Donald’s racial hatred didn’t matter. His horrible treatment of women didn’t matter. His lack of empathy didn’t matter. The fact that he simply didn’t have the ability to do the job didn’t matter. The rich folks and corporations smelled money and they didn’t care how much damage Don would cause.

Now that the party is over, a Donald Trump Tax is in order. Time for the vulture capitalists to pay up.

Remember the character Carter Burke from Aliens? He reminds me of the type of fella these days who counters any news about the rising number of Covid-19 deaths with a smirky, “Yeah…but the stock market’s doin’ great!” The bro I’m talking about recoils at phrases like “white privilege” and “systemic white supremacy,” but he also saw dollar signs after Don got elected because he knew that Don is a rich white guy’s kind of president: a deep-down insecure, tiny soul who wants nothing more than to cater to rich white guys just because he yearns for their approval. Don may have legions of poorer folks idolizing him, but he idolizes the rich men who ridicule him—and these rich men know it. They knew that money could be made from Don’s ineptitude and their goal was to grab every penny they could. Don told this crowd loud-and-clear that he’d go for broke when it came to pushing tax cuts for corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

And Don succeeded. Louder racism. Bigger tax cuts. And that was all before the pandemic hit.

Way, way, wayyyyyyyy back, in the Fall of 2016, well-off sociopaths felt horrified by the idea of a buffoon as the Commander-In-Chief…until these fellas realized that they could play Don’s dumb ass like a fiddle and stash that money in the Cayman Islands quicker than you can say the words, “Socialism-for-the-rich is not the same thing as capitalism.

It’s time for Congress to pass the Donald Trump Tax.

Blue Horseshoe loves systemic white supremacy. Low-rent rich racists love exploiting low-rent poor racists. Low-rent rich people used Donald Trump’s mix of racism and incompetence to make more money for themselves. No other way around it.

A Donald Trump Tax on the upper tax brackets and corporations could pay for a lot of rent relief, health care, education, small-business investments—lots of stuff.

The Donald Trump Tax needs to happen because of the shamelessness displayed by so many wealthy folks during the beginning stages of the pandemic. They weren’t shy saying that they wanted to protect the stock market and didn’t care if the pandemic spread. Then, when the government handed out US Treasury money for pandemic relief, the wealthy shoved their way to the front of the line—and demanded tax breaks and even more concessions on top of the “free stuff.” This Bloomberg article nicely lays out how they are prospering while so many others are suffering. I like this quote from an economist they interviewed: “You cannot have a sustainable economy and political system where you have a small population who believe they are invincible and a growing population who feel defeated. It’s in capitalism’s best interest to close this gap.”

Our country is a shit-show. A Donald Trump Tax on the rich and corporations would help fix many of the problems.

In closing, I don’t know if I mentioned this before, so I’ll say it here:


Read Part II of ‘The Donald Trump Tax.’

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