Socialism is bad. Brocialism is good.

While the 1% get more government handouts and free stuff, MAGA stays on the lookout for communists.

We all to often have socialism for the rich and rugged free enterprise capitalism for the poor. — Martin Luther King, “The Minister to the Valley,” 2/23/68

Maybe we have it all wrong.

Maybe there’s more love in the air than we previously thought.

What if Fox News viewers and Breitbart readers don’t hate socialists as much as we thought they did?

Instead, what if they love the rich bros who actually do take advantage of the system and this love burns so intensely that we mistook its fiery energy for hate?

What if we had the #MAGA worldview all wrong? Love, not hate, drives them forward. What if?

Work with me here. Non-rich MAGAs tend to respond to evidence of rich American bros’ corruption by either growing silent or intentionally forcing their minds to become more dense

And…maybe this is all done out of love.

While the bros hate MAGA, it is possible that MAGA loves those bros and nothing can ever change that love. MAGA could be tolerating the pussy-grabs and money-grabs because they were born to handle these.

When asked to describe his band’s appeal, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead said, “We’re like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice.”

What if the 1% bros are MAGA’s licorice? Unlike the Grateful Dead who loved their fans, the 1% bros don’t love their fans one bit. But does that really matter? As the saying goes, love works in mysterious ways.

Beneath all of those hate-filled smirks, spiteful laughs, and stink-eyed stares, MAGA might possess gigantic and loving hearts, bursting with unconditional love and sweet little cakes and all sorts of lovey-dovey shit. 

Hypothesize with me: the red-hatted aren’t guided by a hatred for socialism but a love for brocialism. They don’t have an issue with government handouts. Their problems lie more in the area of who gets the handouts. 

They don’t want to mistreat socialists. They want to be mistreated by brocialists. 

We thought they were sadists. But they are actually masochists. 

They don’t hate, they self-hate. 

Maybe we had MAGA all wrong.

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