Anti-Semitic Tightwads.

Neo-Nazi whiteboys pinch pennies like the worst of their Jewish stereotypes.

Not a long post, but it riffs off of my series, Bros: America’s new Jews. II. III. IV. V.

I’m writing this as America still counts the votes after the 2020 Election. And the chickenhawks of the American kakistocracy, the carterburkes of the world, have been working overtime to gin up the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie, reminding them that white men built this country.

The worst Americans have the most power and they’re losing their grip over it.

But I won’t get mad at their micro-aggression and war-boner bullshit. Donald’s core supporters are just being white.

The 1% want a #fakecivilwar. They want the cops to do their fighting for them.

When did the Right wing get so sad?

Traditional conservatism is dead.

Money-worshipping racists own the GOP now.

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