A 2022 goal: remind those minorities that they are the minority.

The Right wing and Wall Street Democrats do not represent the majority viewpoint. Not even close. It’s perfectly okay to remind them of this fact. 

WSJ: Census data show America’s white population shrank for the first time
Pew Research: Most Americans say the declining share of white people in the US is neither good or bad for society. 

Happy New Year!

And, fellow whitefolk: I feel the need to let you know that we are becoming the minority.

Whoa, I can hear some of you now, responding to my statement with:


My reply to this group of folks is, “I love you.”

You…cool person….you…I love you.

Look at you. You so cool. I don’t care if you’re vanilla-white, soda-cracker-white, or lily-white. I love you.

You, white people, are my kind of white people. White people like you and I, we roll through life doing our best to lead with that “people” part of ourselves rather than that “white” part of ourselves. We’re not always perfect, but we’re always looking to improve. We listen to Black and brown people when they offer advice to help us along.

The subject of this post is those other white people.

With each passing year, Club Caucasian shrinks. And some of my fellow Caucasians give way, way, way, wayyyyyyyyyyy too much of a fuck.

Many of them are torturing themselves over this perceived existential threat. Their intense sadness, their feelings of disenfranchisement—could it get any dumber?

If they weren’t an active threat to others, I’d say we all should just kick back and watch this crowd self-destruct. Unfortunately, they pose a problem.

This mentality does not think twice about targeting individuals and they, whether or not they are correct, believe that law enforcement naturally sides with them.

But even the non-violent ones…I’m so tired of their nonsense.

Too many possibilities exist and this minority of white people have it in their heads that they can hold the entire human race back. No. These people want to enable the oil companies and rich white men who do not believe in the future—for no other reason than these folks don’t like using their brains.

As 2022 begins, we need to quit tolerating the performative theatrics from people who micro-aggressively utter statements like, “White men built this country” to put others in their places. Because they believe that their skin color gives them this right, the rest of us need to inform them otherwise.

The less-wealthy ones enable the wealthy ones’ financial corruption—even though it hurts everybody. The poorer ones feel a sense of duty when they harm their own futures, as long as the futures of other poor people also get threatened. Because—800 pound gorilla in the room time—they know that, in the end, the richer ones will give them preferential treatment. 

These folks resent forward progress, curiosity, and intelligence. And, historically, we deal with it.

With the beginning of a new year, let’s not be as ready to deal with it.

We are in the right. They are in the wrong. Let’s act like it.

Fox News America is the minority. 

Each year, their point-of-view loses more believers. The world rawks out to this new vibe called Evolution, and these whites cry tears about this fact.

Like this crowd, my skin is white. But I don’t share much with this group. Especially their whiny fatalism and sense of victimhood. 

As the new year begins, we need to realize their dichotomy: White America is dangerous…and it isn’t. 

These people are miserable, hopeless, threatened, and depressed. Only, this being the United States, the ones who choose violence have more freedom to lash out. Let’s cut the crap and admit this fact.

Racism in America is a white-people problem, not a Black-and-brown-people problem.

Fortunately, a minority of whites are behind this problem. It’s up to us in the white majority to deal with them.

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