Operation White Privilege, fifty-nine days later.

On January 6th, 2021, #MAGA and #QAnon showed their true color. They’ve been whiny and dishonest about that day ever since.
And the angry white supremacist whined, “It’s not fair!”

A continuation of Operation White Privilege. 1/6/21. Part III. Part IV.

So…in recent news, Richard Barnett, the MAGA QAnon fella in these photos, lashed out at the judge who did not grant him bail. He sounds bent out of shape. I guess he feels that the legal system shouldn’t treat MAGA and QAnon supporters like they are black or Latino.

As his white knight, Donald Trump, said, “I love the poorly educated!”

Just like Barnett, the QAnon Shaman has also been carrying on like a child during his incarceration. For weeks, he kept himself entertained by complaining about the lack of organic food. And wouldn’t you know it? He got moved to another prison that offered organic food to its prisoners. Meanwhile in America, sadistic guards have been feeding Muslim prisoners pork, just because doing so violates those prisoners’ religious principles. To make the QAnon Shitstain…I mean…Shaman’s story even more soda-cracker-white, a judge just bitched out the organic-food-loving racist’s lawyer for arranging an interview with 60 Minutes. In America, unarmed black folks die while in police custody and corporate media provides white supremacists with their own soapboxes to promote their sick agendas.

On January 6th, the Capitol Hill police officers pulled barricades aside to let Donald’s minions rush the building. Some officers had their pictures taken with the racist, MAGA-hatted folk. In return, one cop got killed and others were assaulted by Trump supporters. Don’t let the performative #bluelivesmatter rhetoric fool you. Donald Trump’s followers hate cops. As much as the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie loves to sic cops on people, they also see police as sub-human, therefore expendable. The recent CPAC 2021 conference didn’t even mention Brian Sicknick, the police officer who got killed, and the attendees failed to acknowledge the bravery of the police officers who did defend the Capitol that day. CPAC was too busy ranting about how rich conservatives get victimized by cancel culture. (People who say they hate victims are also complaining about their own victimhood…yeah, that’s never happened before in ‘Merica.)

January 6th, 2021 will be seen as a day when America’s ugly, supremacist reality took center stage. People in positions of power helped to make this happen. At least one member of the Trump administration joined the mob that day, along with many off-duty cops. And cell phone records show that one rioter had been in contact with the Trump White House during the incident.

In the weeks after January 6th, elected officials joined with MAGA and QAnon folks to push the Big Lie that left-wing groups planned the attack. The Right knows they bear the blame. But they have fun pretending otherwise. Instead of getting mad at them, remember: they can’t help acting like this, they’re just being white.

I struck gold when I came up with “Operation White Privilege” as my title for what happened on January 6th. How do I know this? Because nazi-whites lose their shit when I post this name or a link to the blog post on social media. Like…these chickenhawks and ammosexuals LOSE their shit, entirely. To the point of nonsensicality. I struck gold because the name Operation White Privilege strikes a nerve with the nation’s worst people. They either get incensed and indignant, or they cry crocodile tears and state how this phrase hurts their feelings. Yeah…the “Fuck Your Feelings” crowd has feelings, whodathunkit?

Here’s my theory to explain why these budding fascists hate the phrase “white privilege” so much and go apoplectic every time they hear those two words: they know it exists. Systemic white privilege is as American as apple pie. White privilege may be real, but it’s kind of like a rash, something that we Americans don’t discuss openly because doing so makes others uncomfortable.

White privilege is the gift that we whitefolks receive in return for staying silent while low-rent rich people promote socialism-for-the-rich policies like dodging taxes, hiding money offshore, pushing the government to bail out corporations who make bad decisions, and driving levels of income inequality higher and higher.

White privilege functions like a non-monetary reward. Rich white people get all the money, but they tell less-rich whites that they can hold their heads high because white men built this country. Saying the phrase “white men built this country” doesn’t pay white people’s bills, but the average Fox News viewer who wishes for a mass police action disguised as a civil war doesn’t care. The feeling they get from reverently stating this phrase eases their financial pain. They know that Rush Limbaugh is patting them on the head from the Great Beyond when they ruin their own livelihoods in order to ensure that guys like Eric Trump can prosper.

White privilege puts a smug smile on a broke-ass rube’s face and helps him think that he has the right to act like an amateur version of a rich white guy. Sure, he doesn’t have much money in his wallet and no savings plans in place. But he’s got his white skin. While he lives in constant fear of losing his job, he’s white. And this fact leads him to believe that he is a superior American.

Rich white men could not be rich white men if systemic white privilege did not exist. These days, the majority of rich white men did not accumulate their wealth because their brains operate at higher levels than other Americans and they work harder than the average person. The stock market does not reward intelligence and hard work, instead it fosters shrewd opportunism and advances the old boy network.

White privilege is real. But the phrase “white privilege” kills a bro’s buzz.

I’ll state it again: white privilege is like a rash. And that rash experienced a major flare-up on January 6th, 2021.

A continuation of Operation White Privilege. 1/6/21. Part III. Part IV.

I write fiction. Check out my two dark comedies and the first book in my sci-fi series at Amazon.

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