Bolshevik piled high. The modern GOP.

The 2020 American Right is all about socialism-for-the-rich and minority rule.

Most of the world have no idea who Julius Martov was or what he achieved in his life. The old saying “history is written by the winners” explains why.

Russia exiled Julius Martov in the late 1800s after he spoke out against the Czars, Russia’s ruling monarchy. For centuries, feudalistic Russia kept the vast majority of people in squalor while a tiny minority connected to the Czarist regime got to live in sheer splendor—we’re talking stupendously stupid levels of opulence, at the same time that the masses struggled to exist, forever at risk of starvation. 

By the 1890s, the exiled Martov was living in London and working as an editor of a workers’ rights newspaper called Iskra. Iskra, which means “spark,” became the voice of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, the RSDLP. Outlaws in their own country, RSDLP members never gave up on the dream of a more equal Russia. 

Julius Martov’s co-editor was a fellow exile by the name of Vladimir Lenin. 

Martov and Lenin were tight. As a team, they kicked ass. These two helped inspire millions to believe that they had the power to rise up. Their words reached many countries besides Russia.

Obviously, Martov and Lenin agreed that Russia’s monarchy needed to go. And if warfare was the route to making this happen, so be it. However, they disagreed with each other over a critical issue: the course of action for a post-Czarist Russia. Martov wanted a democracy that would consist of people who took the initiative to campaign for office and convince the citizenry to vote for them. Lenin, on the other hand, believed that the revolutionaries should receive key roles in the government and make the important decisions on behalf of the whole country. 

Those two weren’t alone; questions about Russia’s future and governmental representation divided many in their movement. And it all came to a head at an RSDLP conference in the early 1900s. By this point, Russia itself was falling apart. The inept Czar Nicholas II continued to only make things worse for himself. The RSDLP knew that the monarchy’s end was near. The party needed to put a stake in the ground when it came to their vision for the new Russia. 

Martov’s side argued for democracy. Lenin’s side pushed for a takeover. After some debate, the conference took a vote. 

Martov won. So Lenin pulled a fast one. 

Lenin’s team walked out of the conference and publicly announced their split from the RSDLP. They informed the journalists covering their movement that they would be naming their new political party the “Bolshevik Party.” 

Bolshevik. Majority. 

While Lenin’s team didn’t win the majority of votes, nothing technically could stop them from naming themselves the “majority” party. And hot-diggity…wouldn’t you know it? Lenin’s marketing savvy and knowledge of human nature caught on. Martov’s side started to become known as “the Menshevik Party.” 

Menshevik. Minority. 

While Martov’s side technically brought in more votes, in the eyes of the average Iosif (that’s “Joe” in Russian) they were still the minority. Lenin’s sly branding maneuver paid off and people bought into the idea that the “majority” must support his party.

Fast-forward to October 1917 and…

History calls it “The Bolshevik Revolution” for a reason. 

Lenin’s dick move reminds me of the American Right these days. While not an exact apples-to-apples comparison, I see similarities to the GOP’s pathological overuse of the word “majority” to describe themselves. 

Think about MAGA, the ammosexuals who serve in Meal Team Six, the incels who fetishize Elon Musk—heck, look at Donald Trump. Doesn’t it seem like your average white prick would totally drool over Lenin’s total dick move if they got to see him pull it off in real life? Doing something blatantly dishonest and defiantly sticking one’s chin out while doing it—white-skin-loving bros live for this bullshit. And they love intentionally misusing boorish simpleton-words like, “majority.”

Conservative propaganda is a broken record stating that the “majority” of Americans want white nationalism. According to their pundits, the “majority” of the country thinks that Black Lives Matter are terrorists. The “majority” backs the 1% and corporations’ efforts to loot the U.S. Treasury and hoard the dollars offshore. Fox News and Breitbart spout the word “majority” to their minions, the social class known as the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie. Then the PZB flocks to social media to shout to the world that they are the “majority” because the rich men said so. They bellow this “fact” (another word they overuse) over and over and over—yeah, we get it…repeat bullshit enough, it looks like truth. Sounds like something that Lenin would do.

Whenever they feel the need to add nostalgia to their “majority” mumbo-jumbo, conservatives like to bring up the 1972 election and Nixon’s victory. Yes, they are correct when they say that a “Silent Majority” of white voters went to the polls and pulled the levers for the Nixon/Agnew ticket. Yes, indeed: fifty years ago, white Americans comprised the demographic majority. Fifty years ago. Too often though, this mentioning of the ’72 election segues into a not-so-subtle assertion that another “majority” of voters elected Donald Trump in 2016. 

Which is bullshit. Bullshit piled high.

Donald Trump lost the popular vote by more than three million votes, the worst margin in history. Sure, he won the White Privilege Coll—I mean, the Electoral College. But he by no means garnered a majority.

Last week, America saw the next evolution of the Right’s “majority” charade. After a long bout with cancer, Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg succumbed to the disease. And…surprise!…the Republican Party could not contain its giddiness over the opportunity to force through another arch-conservative Supreme Court Associate Justice and ensure a permanent Judicial “majority” that will back their bolshevik…I mean…bullshit agenda.

Whenever the Right lies, I think that one of their worst arch-enemies is smirking down upon them from above. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin must be laughing his demon-communist ass off at 2020 America’s Republican Party. I see him shaking his head and muttering to himself, “Dang…some people’s kids….” I bet Vladimir Lenin wishes he could congratulate Putin for owning these socialism-for-the-rich imbeciles. 

My fellow American white folks: our days as the demographic majority are numbered. Other ethnic groups will surpass whites within the next few decades. This is an inevitable fact. And white nationalists already have become a demographic minority, if you think about it. Many of their fellow white Americans have rejected them and make it a point to distance from them. MAGA derives their self-worth from their skin color, but I’ll say this again: their mindset is a minority in the year 2020. The numbers prove me correct.

Which makes their purchase of the Supreme Court an even bigger joke. I don’t know how they think this “majority” will function—wait. What am I saying? They haven’t spent much mental energy planning it all out.

The ones most excited about stealing the Supreme Court also have blown a ton of money on bomb shelters and other Mad Max For Rich People bullshit. They’ve given up hope and haven’t considered how hard it will be for a shrinking sliver of the population to assert control over an ever-larger portion of the population. The fat-cats spend more time poring over the building plans for the girlfriend’s secret side room in the bomb shelter than they do strategizing the takeover plan. They militarized the police, got the PZB high on the phrase white men built this country, and thought it was over and done with.

Those who are high on the KKKool-Aid demonstrate commitment to extreme levels of willful ignorance. But most conservatives know the truth. Their obscenely-high levels of paranoia about a diversifying population push them to rationalize their lies. 

The country finds itself at a whole new point in history with Moscow Mitch’s end-around grab for the Supreme Court.

Before, systemic white privilege could flourish because whites were America’s demographic majority. Now, whites are well on their way to being a minority in America. So a minority of whites believe that they can continue to assert their systemic white privilege by exploiting the legal system and financial inequality.

When an agenda’s attack plan is lawyers and money, it’s time to call them on their bullshit.

Check out the site for my #scifi series, The Revolutionizer Stories.

One last thing: fuck Donald Trump.

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