America, the public bathroom.

Psssssstt…the United States’ richest citizens don’t have any faith in the country’s future. And they’re only getting more fascist.
Co-creator of The Punisher, Gerry Conway, has recently launched a fundraising campaign to “claim this symbol for the cause of equal justice and Black Lives Matter.” The creators have stated that they never envisioned their character to be one who would support police brutality.

Here we are. We’re all in line to use the john at this convenience store that, from the looks of it, contracted a case of syphilis. The little hallway in the back of the store leads to its store room and single public bathroom and here we are.

And we gotta go.

Here’s the thing: right now, a rich white supremacist prick occupies the john. And he knows we gotta go. It titillates him to think of all of us jumping up and down, shifting back and forth, trying to think happy thoughts. He can only imagine all of us out there.

While we’re out in the musty hallway, the rich white supremacist prick is pulling all of the paper towels out of the plastic towel dispenser. The sink runs, both ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ blast full steam, and he’s already started to plug up the sink’s drain. He just hawked another loogie on the mirror and is wiping a fresh booger on the wall.

(Weird to see a guy in a $2000 tailored suit and leather wingtips acting like this, huh? But there he is, money-green, silk tie and all.)

The rich white supremacist prick just got finished with the toilet—okay…I don’t need to elaborate or describe any further. You see and smell its ugliness just like I do.

Just because, he pulls out his uber-expensive phone and checks his e-mails again. No new ones. Just like the last time he did a minute ago.

We’re outside the door. We gotta go.

He hawks another loogie at the cracked mirror.

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