It all seems so…right.

As the GOP becomes even more two-faced and nonsensical, I guess it makes sense.
This meme seems so…so…right.

The American Right appears to be having metric tons of fun with the whole “Big Lie” thingie.

Their pundits and henchmen take willful ignorance to a new level. The spiteful little giggles suggest that dishonesty and deceitfulness excite these folks.

When it comes to subjects like the pandemic, police brutality, or income inequality, the MAGA-hatted crowd fills social media posts with tired arguments that have been disproven many times. But…they still post away. The posters’ desire to be wrong and get away with being wrong is a sight to behold. Knowing their values, I can see why they love obstruction. They got white skin and, as the saying goes, if you got it, flaunt it.

Donald Trump had an effect on the Right. This fact is obvious. Yep, the Republican Party is no longer the political party of Alex P. Keaton. But I guess it all makes sense. Once you toss out your old definition of “sense,” yeah, I guess it does indeed make sense.

Don Junior’s coked-out videos seem so…so…sooooo…what’s the word…right.


The GOP’s socialism-for-the-rich policies seem right. Their combination of anti-Semitism and money-worshipping greed seems so right.

Chickenhawks and ammosexuals seem right. So does their performative theater.

Corporate welfare sounds wrong—but also right. In this wrong kind of way, it’s a-okay.

Saying “white men built this country” when white men did not build this country is also wrong, but right. That tired saying still sounds much sexier than “white men profiteered while this country got built.” This second phrase, while factually correct, doesn’t bring the same bullshit-smelling “oomph!” that the first phrase delivers.

The long, blonde locks of the blue-eyed Jesus flowing in the wind as he proselytizes to his flock—right…as right as his Leer Jet and mansion.

The Right’s paranoid screeching about socialists and Marxists taking over the Democratic Party reeks of modern-day rightness.

Operation White Privilege on January 6th…not “left” at all. The Right’s rationalizations for that day are wrong, but not entirely unexpected. Even today, they’re going into overdrive with the gaslighting and half-assed attempts to blame Antifa and BLM for the rioting…and yeah, it’s not surprising. Heck, the fact that the #bluelivesmatter folk killed a cop that day also makes perfect sense, in this 2021 kind of way.

Steve Bannon setting up a fake wall fund and scamming the life savings out of low-income bigots—and getting away with it—strikes me as wrong, yet so, so right. After learning more about the Bolshevik Revolution, Bannon referring to himself as a “Leninist” sounds right on.

Tucker Carlson being seen as masculine is very, very right. So very right. As is the Right’s idolization of John Wayne, Rush Limbaugh, and Ayn Rand. Even though Duke skipped out on WWII, his warrior-cred feels right. Rush receiving the Medal of Freedom felt wrong and right simultaneously. And Rand demonizing welfare in her writing, then going on welfare later in life—while I feel that this fact shouldn’t feel right, it feels just…right, amirite?

Rich people stating that Ron DeSantis seems “presidential”…talk about being nonsensical while making perfect sense at the same time.


Herman Cain dying from coronavirus and being forgotten afterward seems so right.

Sadly, America’s death rate from coronavirus doesn’t surprise me. It saddens me, but at the same time, an educated citizenry scares the Right wing and they’ve been taking steps to dumb us down for decades. Then again…the anti-maskers never cared about wearing masks, right? You know it and I know it. They just love their micro-aggressions and got their rocks off by pretending that they didn’t understand basic knowledge about viruses. They’ve been enraged ever since Obama got elected and have been itching to dial 911 on the country. Their conscious desire to help spike the death rate should shock the living hell out of me. But these times are not normal, decent times. American Exceptionalism killed the American Dream and here we are.

World: if you decide to quit taking my country seriously, I get it. You have serious subjects, like climate change, to deal with.

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