President Eric Trump approves the best movies…the best. All hail Eric!

2028. What an amazing year for film. Reviewing these movies has been a privilege. I will forever honor His Eminence for granting me this opportunity. All hail Eric!

Let each and every one of us give thanks to our Dear Leader for commanding Hollywood to produce such a wide range of cinematic masterpieces. All hail Eric!

I’ve compiled my reviews here. Give them a read.

Vietnam War epic: Full Metal Jacket 2: the Legend of Dickie

Wall-to-wall dance extravaganza: Demerit Dance Party

A family film: Assaulting the Handicapped: A Fathers and Sons Story

Superhero origin story: Impotent Rage Rises

College romp: “K” Is For “College”

Cutesy, kiddie tale: Becky Thavesth All Of Americath Aminalth

Rom-com: Neg & Nag

Buddy cop movie: Punchy and Kicky: Two Cops On the “Beat”

Biopic about a historical figure: Ayn Rand’s Anal Antics #17

Political thriller: Tremendous Trump the First Vanquishes Evil Kaepernick Tremendously

Civil War feature: Stonewall Jackson Single-Handedly Slays Socialists from the North

A modern drama: Hardass Babcock, One Badass Chickenhawk

An epic, timely saga: With Teabags Dangling from their Faces

A blockbuster with a message: Book Burnin’ Bikini Babes On Bourbon

An homage to a modern hero: My Smirk Is My War Face: the Kyle Rittenhouse Story

And coming soon, my review of the big-budget remake, Raiders of the Lost Ark 2028: Not All Nazis Are Bad.

Many of the reviews can be found on my Medium page as well. I plan on getting around to updating that site fully, once the radiation storms subside for a bit.

Besides working as a highly-trained movie critic, I also write fiction. And marketing communications.

President Eric the Great!

President Eric the Wise!

All hail Eric!

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