Allow me this moment of tinfoil-hattedness, part 2.

The way things are heading, where will this country be in ten years?

Part 1.
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This Economic Policy Institute article is both exhaustive and exhausting. “Exhaustive” because they did their homework. And “exhausting” because this country’s spiraling rates of income inequality keep getting worse and low-rent rich folks’ sadism seems to be in overdrive.

Its opening: What this report finds: Corporate boards running America’s largest public firms are giving top executives outsize compensation packages that have grown much faster than the stock market and the pay of typical workers, college graduates, and even the top 0.1%.”

Like I said, “exhausting.”

Also, the EPI story got compiled before the pandemic and CEO pay went up after Covid-19 hit. This report paints a sad picture of how vulture capitalism profiteered off of coronavirus.

It ain’t just the US billionaires, either. “Extreme pandemic disparities are not unique to the United States. Oxfam reports that from March 18 to the end of 2020, global billionaire wealth increased by $3.9 trillion. By contrast, global workers’ combined earnings fell by $3.7 trillion, according to the International Labour Organization, as millions lost their jobs around the world.”

The richest Americans caused the Great Recession, then lined their own pockets afterward and ended up richer than before.

At the beginning of that decade, the richest Americans got richer off of America’s response to the 9/11 attacks while the US military got pushed to the brink.

Over the past forty years, the richest Americans took much bigger slices of the pie from the working class. This Time article is worth a read. But yeah, it’s also exhausting. A recent study estimated that the four-decade-long trickle-down experiment cost the American worker $50 trillion.

As bad as the problem got, the country then turned Covid-19 into an excuse to enrich the 1% even further. We worried more about the stock market than people’s lives.

When is this white supremacist socialism-for-the-rich bullshit going to end? I have to wonder what this country will look like in ten years if we don’t change course.

It’s not crazy-talk to believe that high-net-worth individuals harbor genocidal tendencies and want to cook the Earth for profit. I wish it was crazy-talk.

Part 1 of Allow me this moment of tinfoil-hattedness.

I also write fiction. I have two dark comedies available, Fearkiller (Volume 1) and Notes from Trillionaire Island: Fearkiller (Volume 2), as well as Revolutionizer Alpha, the first book in a sci-fi series. I also wrote a story about God. It was weird, but then I decided to make the story and its sequel free. And all of the sudden, it didn’t seem as weird. Writing about God is much less weird when you write about God without charging money for it.

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