The era of anti-Semitic tightwaddery.

American Right-wingers increasingly hate Jews. These days, they also behave like the worst of their bigoted Jewish stereotypes.

Riffing off of earlier posts:
Anti-Semitic tightwads.
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The 1% needs a tax increase. Their souls are crying out for it.

World: things are tense in the USA.

You’ve probably heard the narrative that my country’s corporate media companies and other vested interests spin about the Make America Great Again movement and their hillbilly-elegy, pseudo-militaristic mumbo-jumbo. You know what I’m talking about, right? The spiel usually goes something like this:

<Cue patriotic flute music>

“All across America…the grandsons and the great-grandsons of The Band of Brothers—yes, The Band of Brothers themselves—we’re talking about the very same fellas from that HBO show where America stopped Hitler from spreading his diabolical socialism—these grandsons and great-grandsons of The Band of Brothers have been faithfully, patriotically, and zealously training to take America back from the evil Harpo and his Marxism. Taking cues from their rough-and-tough militia leader, Tucker Carlson, they stand ready to fight. Operation White Privilege on January 6th, 2021 was only the beginning. Every morning, men who refer to themselves as ‘alpha males’ and ‘sheepdogs’ rise out of bed at zero-dark-thirty to do push-ups. And sit-ups. And chin-ups. These grandsons and great-grandsons are getting ready to strap on their combat boots and keep their Band of Brother-grandads’ and -great-grandads’ legacies alive and take America—”

I’ll stop now. Yeah, world, none of the Right’s jingoistic propaganda holds any truth. While the forced nostalgia may help some existentially-threatened, narrow-minded people get richer, the rhetoric isn’t grounded in reality.

If you want to understand the values that drive many of America’s rich Republicans, as well as MAGA, QAnon, and the “white men built this country” types, start by doing this: think of the worst of the hackneyed traits that this same crowd places upon every Jewish person. The judgmental slurs and unfair generalizations that they talk about with each other behind closed doors, think about those.

Next, do this: apply those thoughts to the people who say them. Whatever the Rush Limbaugh-worshipping anti-Semites say about Jewish folks, keep in mind that their words do a great job of articulating the beliefs that drive the modern Right wing. It’s fitting that this crowd sees the sniveling rich-kid Tucker Carlson as one of their movement’s torchbearers and view him as the standard for the new American masculinity.

Whether they’re richer or poorer, the MAGA-hatted and QAnon-folk appear to be getting stingier and chintzier. Like, obscenely cheap. They worship money.

From the Evangelicals to the bro-atheists, many on the Right develop the drooly-mouth when they think about money. They are Gollum and money is the Precious. One-percenters and middle-income-earners alike love their ability to pinch every last penny—and at the same time, they despise Jews because they believe that all Jews are guilty of this behavior.

Even though they won’t admit it, the Right fosters qualities like sneaky manipulativeness, passive-aggressiveness, and dishonesty. Whatever they can get away with, however they can connive other people, the modern American Right constantly seeks out opportunities that they can exploit. And they pride themselves on this. While simultaneously shaming every Jewish person and calling them opportunists, that is.

These red-blooded folks ain’t like the red-blooded folks of American lore. The modern Right’s ethos is about working behind people’s backs to sabotage their efforts and lying to people’s faces afterward. Speaking of lying, white nationalists in 2021 give themselves giddy little power-trips when they push Donald Trump’s “big lie.” Sporting smirky-grins on their faces, they state that the election was rigged, Antifa started the Capitol Riots, and it’s no big deal when GOP state governments rewrite voter eligibility laws to shut out minorities. In business, the richer ones cut every corner and the poorer ones knife co-workers in the back. Underhandedness is the new confidence in White America.

But here’s the rub: if you told any of these folks that a group of Jewish Americans had been engaging in these behaviors, the folks would don their armbands as they pontificate about how Jews are inferior to whites.

World, the modern American Right is flirting with Nazism while also adopting many of their bigoted Jewish stereotypes. In other words, they’re full of shit.

But while this crowd is full of shit, they also pose a danger to many Americans. Hate crimes have increased in recent years. Please listen when my fellow citizens share stories of discrimination and violence. Americans who do not fit the Right’s mold get targeted more and more these days. Every minority demographic in the USA, as well as white women who don’t agree with the nationalists, have been threatened.

Sadly, white supremacy and neo-Nazism are flourishing because the fellas at the top have figured out how to make money off of it. They used the pandemic to line their own pockets further while a disproportionate number of non-whites contracted the coronavirus. And, taking cues from the worst of their stereotypes, the rich see Asian-Americans as a deflection point and encourage their followers to take out their anger on these innocent citizens. Pretty shrewd way to protect one’s pile of gold coins.

World: there’s a strange vibe in the American air. On the one hand, it feels fascist. On the other hand, it feels confused, like a cry for help.

In closing: #wealthtax.

Also, some words of wisdom from a true American, Indiana Jones:
“Nazis…I hate these guys.”

Riffing off of earlier posts:
Anti-Semitic tightwads.
Bros: America’s new Jews.
The Donald Trump Tax.

The 1% needs a tax increase. Their souls are crying out for it.
I hope that coronavirus helps America redefine the term “white trash.”

I also write fiction.

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