Osama bin Laden. Rich kid.

Privilege, not religion, helped al-Qaeda’s leader understand our weaknesses.
Osama bin Laden knew the truth: chickenhawks love profiteering off of war. Source: MarketWatch

As the 20th anniversary of September 11th, 2001 neared, I couldn’t help looking back and remembering the world’s outpouring of sympathy in the months following the attack. This led me to write Romeo Whiskey Tango.

Now, it’s late October 2021.

Two decades ago, citizens from pretty much every country on Earth were throwing their support behind the USA as our troops began combat operations in Afghanistan. People were still shedding tears for our country, pulling for us.

Weird memory. Seems strange now.

Considering everything that happened since, there’s no other way to put it: the USA’s wealthiest citizens exploited every last bit of that post-9/11 genuine goodwill.

The thing is, the richest folks only got trashier in the time since that awful day. 

Osama bin Laden knew exactly what made the USA’s wealthiest individuals tick. His uber-privileged childhood provided him with all of the insight about our country’s weaknesses that he needed to devise and carry out a terrorist plot.

Islamophobes have always blamed bin Laden’s religion because these narrow-minded shitwits swallowed the old wive’s tale about Trickle-Down Economics and the superpowers of rich white men.

Somehow, I think bin Laden knew they would.

Check out this recent article‘s headline, Even in a challenging period, publicly traded defense stocks thrive.

Thank the blonde, blue-eyed, Joel-Osteen-esque Jesus.

Defense stocks are thriving.

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