Romeo Whiskey Tango

The phrase “Rich White Trash” needs to catch on. The last twenty years prove my point.
I turned 30 on 8/11/2001. 30 days later, the 1% hit it big.

“When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die.”
– Jean-Paul Sartre

I remember the goodwill.

Almost twenty years ago now. That sheer volume, the outpouring of sincere empathy. From pretty much every place on Earth, too.

So many kind words and each word came from the heart, you just felt it.

As my mind was still trying to make sense of September 11th, 2001, the citizens of the world expressed their deepest sympathies to the United States of America.

Looking back almost two decades, I can appreciate how those sentiments of support helped me move forward.

As someone who was grieving, it helped me to see that my whole planet experienced the horror; billions of others also felt helpless and fearful. During some moments, it is crucial for an individual to understand they aren’t alone.

In those first months following September 11th, footage of demonstrations and gestures of solidarity from other countries touched me, a nobody who was living in Denver, Colorado.

Every country—even the ones we had been warned not to like—sent us their best wishes. Thank you for those.

You all lifted me up when I needed it, fellow Earthlings.

Thank you.

And I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that the USA’s rich white trash took gigantic shits all over your goodwill.

I’m sorry that rich white trash turned your best wishes into their latest and greatest Ponzi scheme.

I’m sorry that rich white trash twisted 9/11 into a war-profiteering venture which killed your innocent citizens.

I’m sorry that rich white trash exploited your sympathies.

I’m sorry that rich white trash abused your sincerity.

I’m sorry that rich white trash used you.

Rich white trash used us, too.

They can’t help it. It’s how they were raised.

Now, rich white trash are giggling themselves silly thinking about Texas. They know Texas’ rich white trash will still have access to doctors who can perform abortions, no matter what the extremist legislation says. But rich white trash love controlling people more than anything else in the world. And they love controlling women most of all.

Before I end this one, I do need to mention that rich white trash votes Democrat, too. Silicon Valley techbros and Wall Street Democrats see the recent events in Texas as a non-issue.

Like the Right-leaning rich white trash, they hit the jackpot in Afghanistan and want to make sure our sad exit doesn’t hurt their offshore accounts.

The thing about rich white trash is this: rich white trash weren’t as trashy twenty years ago. And they are only getting trashier.

Damn. I remember when it seemed like the world would learn from that tragic day.

But…rich white trash saw dollar signs.

##UPDATE: this post got me a 30-day Facebook ban, which I anticipated. The good news is that they took forever to do it and plenty of folks have checked it out. World: we need to do something about this problem. These people aren’t nice. Read more about this recent ban here.

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