November 15th, 2021. A bad day for racist ammosexuals.

Not going to be a long post. Just noting that Alex Jones and Steve Bannon both got their fascist asses handed to them today.
White nationalists all look alike to me. Picture Source: Daily Beast.

Here’s a shiny-happy story about Steve Bannon’s Monday.

And here’s an uplifting article detailing how Alex Jones’ Monday went.

Are these two fucked? Who knows?

The Right brags about its purchase of the courts. It’s conceivable that the master racers will emerge from their respective legal predicaments unscathed, one of them at least.

Privilege has its privileges.

Like I said, this wasn’t going to be a long post. Here are some earlier thoughts that jive with this one:
When chickenhawks cry out for civil war, remember the words of John Lennon.
If we go to war, Steve Bannon’s call sign absolutely, absolutely, absolutely needs to be “Cameron Alexander from ‘American History X’.”
My Facebook experiment: Romeo Whiskey Tango.
If America is going Porky’s, Melania Trump makes an ideal First Lady.
Operation White Privilege. 1/6/21.
Their undeserving little smiles are called “Einsatzgruppens.”
The era of anti-Semitic tightwaddery.

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