If we go to war, Steve Bannon’s call sign absolutely, absolutely, absolutely needs to be “Cameron Alexander from ‘American History X.'”

So…we got Steve Bannon claiming that Donald Trump will claim election victory early. Did nazi that comin’.
American History X was released 22 years ago. Whooaaa.

Ladies and gentlemen and dupes who gave money to Steve Bannon’s fake wall fund: these are serious times.

Serious conversations are happening.

If we continue to bring up the serious subject of a potential nationwide conflict, we need to have a serious conversation about a very serious issue: what everybody’s call signs are going to be.

We gotta coordinate this. Can’t have two people showing up sporting the same call signs, that’s not cool.

And it needs to be said: Steve Bannon’s call sign needs to be “Cameron Alexander from American History X.”

No ifs. No ands. No buts. Done deal. A call sign and a fella have never been more perfect for each other.

And his call sign must always be stated as the full call sign, “Cameron Alexander from American History X.” Never “Cam” or “Cameron” or even “Cameron from American History X.”

Whenever Steve Bannon will be referred to by his call sign, it must always be “Cameron Alexander from American History X.”

Say he starts to wear a dictator-general-ish outfit—and you know the guy has, at the very least, been thinking about purchasing this type of getup, rows of medals and all—the name tag on the chest must contain the words “General Steve ‘Cameron Alexander from American History X’ Bannon.”

And if the whole war thingie gets to the point where Bannon needs to don his fighter pilot uniform, you know how the guys in Top Gun wrote their call signs on their helmets? Well, Steve Bannon’s helmet needs to feature the words “Cameron Alexander from American History X” somewhere prominent on either the front or the back in block letters.

This has to be. High-five low-five.

<radio static, microphone chirps> “Ahhhh…this is the control tower…ahhh…calling Cameron Alexander From ‘American History X’…ahhhhh…continue…ahhh…on this vector, target bearing two-zero-niner…”<radio static, microphone chirps> “…and ahhh…please fumigate your aircraft’s cockpit after you land. Over and out.”

Alright. I’m already tired of this subject. And I am so tired of thinking that our nation’s destiny is in the hands of supremacist oligarchs, so please vote.

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