Dubya would have worn a mask.

As the USA nears 800,000 Covid-19 deaths, it’s okay to blame Donald Trump.
Source: Bill Bramhall

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 has been on my mind lately.

I turned thirty a month before that awful day and this year was my 50th, so my mood has been reflective for a while.

Call it an entering-a-new-decade kind of thing. At present, I have lived roughly 60% of my life before 9/11, 40% afterward. My age provides me with reference points for gauging how the country has spiraled into poo-ville over the course of the past twenty years.

But as long as the stock market is doing great, right?

How did we end up at a point where wealthy white supremacists are getting vaccinated while telling not-as-wealthy white supremacists to stay unvaccinated—and the not-as-wealthy are happily obliging, like it’s something to be proud of?

I’d respect Team White‘s whole movement more if the whole—as in entire—movement swore off the vaccines.

And those smirks on the wealthy folks’ faces…very Einsatzgruppen. It’s almost as if they’re deeply invested in all of this domestic unrest.

When chickenhawks cry out for civil war, remember the words of John Lennon.

The high-net-worth crowd exercising personal responsibility while telling the poors to endanger themselves—Jim Jones is ordering the masses to drink spiked Kool-Aid right before he downs a glass of unspiked Kool-Aid.

Afterward, Jim Jones and his buddies who are in on the gag will walk among the bodies and chuckle to each other, high-fiving-low-fiving just like Mav and Goose while they dig through dead rubes’ pockets for rent money and loose change—that’s what these times feel like.

Remember when George W. Bush was the worst president in history?

As wack-a-loony as that guy was, guess what? Dubya would have worn a mask if a pandemic hit.

Then, after vaccines got developed, Dubya would have urged the public to protect themselves and their families. You know…because the objective is to save lives and, as President, advocating for such viewpoints is good. Dubya’s dim-ass brain comprehends basic shit like this.

The scary thing: Don-Don understands as well. But at coronavirus’ outset in early 2020, he chose to pretend otherwise.

Dubya may be evil, but he ain’t Don-Don-evil.

Even Dick Cheney seems fascist-lite these days, comparatively.

Think: not only would Dick Cheney have worn a mask if a Covid-19 type of virus struck during his term, Dick would have loaded up his shotgun and flown around the country in Air Force Two shooting the faces of people who chose to go mask-less. Dick would have shot anti-maskers’ faces like those anti-maskers were rich, white, male, and full of desire to burn the Earth.

Those were the days.

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