MAGA isn’t looking for a civil war. They just want to give everyone the stink-eye.

Attention world: my country is a fuckshow. But the 1% have it all under control.
Now this cracked me up when I first saw it. I wanted to find the Caucasians logo.

Posting this on the day of Donald Trump’s gigantically ginormous coronavirus exchange party…I mean…rally.

Make no mistake: when they originally decided to schedule this racist shindig on Juneteenth in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they understood the significance of both the date and location.

Don’t be swayed by their faux ignorance. That crowd knows gaslighting opportunities when they see them.

In 2016, white spite watched its white knight get elected to the highest office in the land…even though the campaign technically came up 3 million votes short. (Talk about privilege.) That crowd has only grown more resentful in the years since.

#MAGA lives to get under everyone else’s skins. It’s all about pushing buttons. Miserable people, working to make others miserable. They have very little else to live for.

When a person isn’t rich but they believe in trickle-down economics, impotent rage becomes their friend.

If authoritarians could receive medals for passive-aggressiveness and abusing one’s systemic privilege, Donald Trump would have a chest full of decorations. So would many of the MAGA-hatted folks.

They so want to dial 911 and sic the National Guard on us. By not fighting, we force them to stew in their own hatred and deal with those ever-expanding chips on their shoulders by themselves. When we choose non-violent resistance, it amps their blood pressure.

Besides, over the past month the police have proven time and again that they side with the Right wing when it comes to violence. Don’t give them the excuse.

How weird the Right has become. The paranoid rich ones are panicking because they dropped tons of money on bomb shelters and now worry that their investment might go to waste. (I wrote my series Bros: America’s new Jews about these cheapskate anti-Semites, the penny-pinching white guys who scapegoat their actions by deflecting to age-old stereotypes.) So the rich white dudes crack the whip and the poorer whites grow livid. The rich white men remind the poorer white men that white men built this country. Yeah, they know how to play the poors like fiddles.

Whether they’re rich or poor, the Right is still hoppin’ mad at the country for electing a black man as president, then re-electing him. Donald didn’t start this ugliness, he just capitalized on it. Now the best thing for him is a race war. Yeah, we got a chickenhawk begging for a race war.

America needs to surrender the “Leader of the Free World” scepter.

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