Attention, world: my country has issues. Issues that have been ignored for too long.

Hey there, world.

You know those people from my country who travel to your country and visit the nearest McDonald’s and order Big Macs—only to then rant about how the Big Macs don’t taste as good in your country as the Big Macs taste in America?

The folks I’m talking about, they return to America from their vacations in your countries and resume associating with other Americans who would never, ever consider vacationing in your countries because none of your countries are 100% exactly like America. As the world travelers tell the non-world travelers endless stories about how badly other countries’ Big Macs suck, the non-world travelers grow even more committed to staying put and never traveling to foreign places where the Big Macs suck.

These days, this collective group is the one making more noise about “civil war” than any other group in the United States.

While they appear to be loud and threatening, keep something in mind: Donald Trump lost the 2016 popular vote by more than three million votes, the biggest margin in history. Donald enables Right-wing war-talk with his mix of dog whistling and stochastic terrorism, only the numbers aren’t on his side. His diehard supporters may indeed be diehards, but there aren’t that many of them compared to the overall population. (Imagine that…Donald Trump exaggerating, making something out to be much greater than it actually is.) And besides Team Donald, other white supremacist elements have been calling for war as well. As much as these groups seem so vocal about the subject, the majority of them don’t want a war, per se. They want to dial 911 and let the police handle it.

The Americans calling for conflict have systemic privilege on their side. And they know it. Their bombastic theatrics excite rich white men who own luxury bomb shelters. But the population of the United States is diversifying and the days of Richard Nixon’s “Silent Majority” have passed. Even though this minority makes lots of noise, they are still a minority.

More importantly, something beautiful is happening in America right now: voter turnout has been through the roof. Historic numbers of citizens are getting involved in this country’s election process. Instead of engaging in violence with the people who want to sic the police on everyone, citizens are casting their ballots. My country’s get-out-the-vote efforts are reaching people who never voted and re-inspiring lapsed voters who got disillusioned before.

And the agendas pushing for a police action disguised as a civil war are freaking out.

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There is civil war. And there is “civil war.”

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