Operation White Privilege ended in the most privileged of ways.

A minority of Senators filibustered the Capitol Riot investigation. Yes, indeed: it’s good to have white skin.
Washington Post photo by Michael Robinson Chavez

Riffing off of Operation White Privilege: 1/6/21., Operation White Privilege: fifty-nine days later. and OWP: Part whatever..

After the Capitol riot on January 6th, 2021, I nicknamed it “Operation White Privilege.”

Why? Because the moniker seemed to fit.

This group had the support of the police—even though this same group also attacked police. National Guard troops got held back from responding. Rioters took selfies to commemorate their day of fun.

The MAGA-hatted folk got to behave in ways that would have gotten other Americans killed.

Hence…”Operation White Privilege.”

And wow: supporters of this riot HATE my name.

To generate site traffic, I post blog links on Facebook posts that address similar topics. When I first posted Operation White Privilege: 1/6/21., people clicked the link and checked it out.

While I got a lot of supporters, the detractors read it, too.

And wow: they so emphatically believe that systemic white privilege does not exist.

They can’t substantively refute my name. They can’t counter my argument. They can’t offer another explanation when I point out the inconsistencies between their words and actions.

But wow: they can shed metric tons of crocodile tears.

White people who shame others for expressing hurt feelings do not hesitate to tell me that the name Operation White Privilege hurts their feelings. Caucasians who use the word “snowflake” as a slur act like major snowflakes.

MAGA, well, behaves like MAGA.

As the numbers of stink-eyed xenophobes continue to reduce, their desire to flaunt their systemic privilege appears to be growing more intense. Yet…talking about their agenda is a big no-no.

They love privilege. They hate acknowledging privilege.

They got so disruptive that day because they knew they could get away with it.

And they did. They just don’t like talking about this fact.

Don’t get mad at these folks for acting this way.

They can’t help it. They’re just being white.

Riffing off of Operation White Privilege: 1/6/21. and Operation White Privilege: fifty-nine days later. Part IV.

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