“Einsatzgruppen” rhymes with “pants-poopin’.” Just sayin’.

This is a great picture of Tucker Carlson’s parents. (Yeah, I know I’m recycling that joke from this post. Sometimes, I’m like Hollywood and remakes.)

Riffing off of Their undeserving little smiles are called “Einsatzgruppens.”

Not gonna be a long post.

Just working on a Part II for Fuck customers. The investor is always right. and this thought popped into my head.

Actually, I got inspired.

By a person who probably had no idea how inspiring his thoughts were.

This is his response to a post on my Medium page:

“I do think it’s quite possible that there will be a civil war. However, the action will be in the courts, not on the battlefield.”

Why am I so inspired—so inspired that I needed to take twenty minutes out of my day to write a new post and recycle a joke from another post?

The title of the post that prompted the fella to write those words above is Micro-aggression gone masculine.

Read his response one more time. Again: the title of my post is, “Micro-aggression gone masculine.”

Even if you don’t click through to read the post, just take those two bits of information in.

Please tell me that you see it.

You know…it. It.

Do you see it?

The mix of master raciness and concentration campiness—please tell me you see it.

Sometimes, I don’t know these days.

If you haven’t seen it on Netflix, Einsatzgruppen: the Nazi Death Squads is well done.

Final thought: when a person wants to use the legal system against you, they are not looking for a “civil war.”

They are terrified. Existentially threatened.

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